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Where light meets vessel; where Torah meets you.

Torah is Our Guiding Light – אורה זו תורה

Light alludes to the consciousness, clarity, and joy that is the root of your soul. It is by definition infinite, luminous and spiritual.

The vessel is the container for the light, and is intrinsically light’s opposite; finite, opaque and physical. Our bodies, emotions and lives form the vessel that can ultimately receive the light of Torah.

You are at the Nexus. You are the Nexus.


The Rise! Series

You’re a busy Jewish woman — thirsty to find meaning in the mundane. But when you’re elbow deep in dishes and deadlines, sometimes it seems very far away.

Free Treasury of Shiurim

Nexus offers over 150 free visual and audio shiurim, blog posts and other free resources for the public, like the Rise! into you Crown world summit. Find series and classes on the topics on all facets of a woman’s spirituality from the deeper meaning of hair covering to parasha, from prayer to relationships and so much more.

Other Courses at the School

The school features other courses like the Crash Course in Shalom Bayit: 7 intimacy skills through 7 verses, and the Tefilla series – an introduction into Chassidut mapping the Jewish mind and how to master it, and more.

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