Rise! through Rivka – Prayer from the depth of your heart

Tonight is Hoshana Rabba.

According to the p’nimiut HaTorah (inner dimension of the Torah), it is the day from which our coming year is “dispatched” from Heaven, and the new reality that we prayed for begins to take root.  Hoshana Rabba is thus a day of our final return to Hashem, prayer and intensified Torah study.

It is also the first day I have had the opportunity to tell you what is coming up at the school which is so appropriate since the third course in the Rise! Into your Feminine series – unlocking our potential as women in the footsteps of Mashiach with the Imahot (matriarchs) as our guides – is about prayer, the manifestation of our highest selves, and tikkun of the femininity of Chava through Rivka Imeinu.


Eliezer, Avraham’s trusted servant, goes to look for a wife for Yitzchak, the son born to his master and his wife Sarah in their old age.  Rivka appears at the well and demonstrates kindness – gemilat chassadim – giving not only Eliezer but also his camels water to drink.  Miraculously, the waters of the well rise up to meet her as she approaches to draw water from the depths of the earth.  Witnessing this, Eliezer knows that he has found the right one.

Rivka is described in the medrash as “a rose amongst thorns” (Song of Songs 2:2), since despite growing up in an environment of deceit and evil – she emerges an oasis of kindness and love.  Rivka is thus the quintessential Ba’alat Teshuva and paradoxically marries Yitzchak, the first FFB! – the purest of the pure from an unblemished background, and their destiny begins to unfold.

What is amazing is that when we begin to study the central motif of Rivka’s life – how she was conceived (an answer to Avraham’s prayer at the altar of Yitzchak), how she met her mate (an answer to Eliezer’s prayers by the well), how she meets Yitzchak (while he was praying in the field and establishing the prayer of Micha), how she begets the next generation and becomes pregnant with her twins (through their prayers after years of infertility) – it is impossible not to notice that her very essence is one of prayer.

It is not surprising then that the numerical value of יצחק and רבקה equals that of (515) תפילה, “prayer”!  And that the following poem that we recite during the peak of our prayers over the Yamim Noraim contains within it the Yitzchak and Rivka’s names (woven into this  piece of artwork):

What is the secret of Rivka and prayer?

And why is this an absolutely essential aspect of the cultivation and expression of our femininity through Torah?

The Nexus (where light meets vessel, where Torah meets you) School of Transformational Torah is designed to not only reveal the secrets of your power as a Jewish woman but to provide a context for your deepest growth and transformation.

Each Rise! into your Feminine course comes with:

  • 7 (or more) 90 – 120 minute sessions (either pre-recorded or live, depending on where we are up to in the series – and yes, you can start from anywhere or do them all together)
  • 1 group coaching session to get your questions answered, make personal applications and meet the other women 
  • Practical exercises to help the teachings penetrate (“vessel” work) with each session
  • a community forum for discussion and getting extra support from myself and the community
  • priority option for private sessions 

Starting Oct 21st 2020 – LIVE ON ZOOM
2:00pm – 4:00pm EST

And includes life-long access to recordings, fully downloadable, and available on mp3s via email upon request

In “Rise into your Highest Feminine through Rivka Imeinu”, you will learn:
About Prayer: 

  • Why prayer is essentially a feminine act
  • How to change Hashem’s Will through prayer and why He wants us to do this
  • How to emerge triumphant in the “battle” of prayer every day – by evoking your soul when you pray
  • 3 different ways to understand Rivka’s prayer-power that will debunk the myth that Judiasm is a patriarchal system when it comes to prayer
  • How to use your deepest desires to create the suction that elicits Hashem’s blessing

About Relationships:
(you do not have to be married for this course)

  • The two types of couples, and why sometimes opposites attract and sometimes like attracts like
  • How to emphasize the gender differential in your relationships to bring out enhanced attraction and shalom bayit
  • How to thrive in a “love after marriage” model vs a “love before marriage” (this can come in handy if this is you or someone you know)
  • Why true love is just the art of knowing ourselves and the other
  • When and why communication isn’t enough and what to do when this happens

From Rivka herself:

  • How to extract the sparks of light embedded in the darkest of places
  • How she changed the course of Jewish history through rising into her fullest potential (and you can too!)
  • How your imperfect background (and who doesn’t have one…?) is what will make you blossom into your truest self
  • The wisdom of the formation of vessels – how to get just the right blend of light and vessel to arrive at the sweet spot for growth

PLUS: Learn the fundamentals of Jewish Education!
(for mothers, teachers, aunts and grandmothers!)

  • Why Rivka favored Yaakov while Yitzchak favored Eisav, and why this reflects their views on Jewish education (and why Hashem favored Rivka’s approach!)
  • Why potential alone is not enough and how to fan our children’s flame into a fire
  • When to employ bold and drastic measures in bringing events to their most favorable outcome
  • how to develop a far-ranging vision vis a vis the chinuch/ education of our children


In summary, through course 3 in the Rise! into your Highest Feminine Series through Rivka you will:

  • Transform your deepest desires into prayer 
  • Discover that preparing the world for Messianic times is not what you may think
  • How to walk these deep teachings into your life 
  • Learn the secret of your “anti-fragility” 
  • Understand the depth of our power as Jewish women through classical, Chassidic and mystical Torah sources 

“You don’t bloom in spite of the thorns around you.  You bloom because of them.”
R’ Nir Menussi – author of “Who is this Rising?” 

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