A Torah-based Self-Coaching Model – in a mini-course!

There is so much happening, as we enter into the orbit of Adar, the month of our joy and pinnacle of our spiritual achievement throughout the entire year.  (Yes, its the last month and the top of the ladder so to speak before we begin a new cycle!)

It is a month of consolidation of all the heights we achieved, all the light we were privy to, as we insert those into the vessels of this world. 

It is so feminine.  So “nexus-y”, bringing light to vessel.  Putting the Emuna into our hearts.  And wearing that special glow we call joy.  

Here’s what’s happening:  read carefully please as most of your questions will be answered here.

This week, in Johannesburg, I am running a single session, consolidating the enormous strides we made into really “getting” the inner essence of our work as women in the 21st century.  We created a map of modern femininity through the mind-blowing paradigm that the Chassidic Torah teachings on Chava presented.  It was gorgeous, bH, and each woman processes and applies it in different ways.  

This Wednesday, we are “taking it home” with a mini-course on Chava. 
In 2 hours.  
I will be focusing on how the emergence of this new paradigm truly answers our pressing questions as modern women.  

Why is marriage so complicated now-a-days?  Why are standard Shalom Bayis classes only helpful to a point?  Why is dating so fraught now-a-days (especially as women get older)? Why are women so torn trying to juggle impossible roles of work and home?  Balance mothering children and their own inner life?  Is there even such a thing??  

I also want to hear what your questions are – as each one of us is living a different facet of the collective feminine archetypal experience.

As you can see, relationships play a prime role in our inner life.

I think that before we get into this, we need a huge frame within which to put it all, to come to grips with who we are at this time and how to make sense out of it.  And then thrive…  

And truly come to fulfill the prediction of our sages “in the merit of the righteous women in the final generation we will be redeemed”.

We cannot become our full selves without going on a healing journey. 

And we cannot go on a healing journey without the light of Torah. 

The mini-course will enable you to join SARAH starting March 4th!  

You need the foundational concepts covered in Chava to crack open Sarah.. and Rivka… and Rachel and Leah… all in good time.

But most of all – to crack open your own heart.

The mini-course is R180 for South Africans.

(Those overseas will have access to it when the video is ready beH.)

If you did the Chava course – this is where we will be taking it home and consolidating it. 

If you are brand new, you will get a mind-blast – I will try to ease the dilation so it doesn’t hurt 😉

The implications are huge and infinite. 

I can’t wait for you to join the community and add your gleanings.


Thank you for all your emails that you are keen to start Sarah.

The thought crossed my mind to wait until after pesach…. it’s a busy time of year for Jewish women…

Yet I know that the single session a week through the month of Adar will infuse our Chagim with incredible joy and energy. 

So we are resuming now  – as promised bH – for four weeks!

“There is no simcha other than the dissolution of doubts… “

Stop doubting yourself and embrace your fullest potential.  You are likely a gifted, sensitive, spiritual, (and humble, of course 🙂 Jewish woman.  

How are you going to channel those gifts to Hashem?  Channel your feminine brilliance to crafting marriages that sparkle, children that glow, friendships that shine, and a heart that sings Hashem’s praises as you go through your day? 

Sarah is OPEN for booking HERE.  

Important: You can only purchase Sarah if:
> you graduated from the Chava course
> you attended a Malchut retreat (in SA or in America)
> you did the crash course in Israel
> you attended the Shabbaton in Israel
> or you participate in this weeks mini-course!

I do recommend, however, even WITH the mini-course – that you do the full Chava course. It is so deep and really takes you on a journey that won’t be possible in a single session.  You can also purchase Chava and Sarah together at a special bundle rate right now HERE.   

PLUS!!! Register for Sarah in the next 3 days and get the PURIM session, (as promised from last year!!), “The Jewish Vision of how Man and Woman will relate when they have healed” – The Book of Esther as our Guide for Accessing Full Feminine Wisdom – FREE in time for Purim.

So here’s the School… follow sign-in buttons and choose your course:

Chava – available now.
regular $149 (10 self-coaching sessions) – opening week special $99 till Mar 1st.  You can move straight on to Sarah when you are ready.
Use coupon code “openingweekchava” for the special. 
click HERE.

Sarah – (see conditions for joining below) released from Mar 4th.
4 light+vessel sessions before Rosh Chodesh Nissan – Regular $59.  Opening week only – $49  plus includes free Purim session
Coupon code: “openingweeksarah”
Click HERE.

Chava plus Sarah –
$129! Opening Week only! until March 1st
use code: “openingweekbundle”
Click HERE. 

Chava mini-course happening live this week in Joburg – reply to this email to join!  R180. 

If you missed the Opening Event, (Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, myself and R’ Nir Menussi) you can log on here (free) to watch it.

ליהודים היתה אורה ושמחה וששון ויקר!
To the Jews there was light, joy, gladness and honor.. 

One of the women had this to say; “It’s time we rise above the Chava curse.  Take the Chava course!”  🙂  אמן כן יהי רצון. 

Don’t hesitate to email info@thenexus.org if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Wishing you a wonderful week and Chodesh tov,