The 13 Middot – A Shower of Love

Yom Kippur  The 13 Middot – A Shower of Love Shiur by Rebbetzin Tamar Taback, 2017 Listen to it here Transcribed by Cassia Riekhoff 1 Introduction  The Vilna Goan says that we are here to be metaken hamiddot (rectify our

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Coagulation in Meron

I know the collective heart of Klal Yisroel has been breaking. I had a good cry the other night.  What made me cry was hearing the voices, undefeatable bli ayin hara, singing “Acheinu” at the Kosel.  Klal Yisroel goes on! You

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At the School

Rise! into your Supernal Aishet Chayil

Introduction to the Mystical level of studying Aishet Chayil on Shavuot Excerpted from the Aishet Chayil printable e-book (2020) available here: This series began years ago with my fascination as why the midrash correlates each verse to a different

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