Candle lighting – a special kavana in your prayers today

[artwork by zeesi.]

There is something happening in the world.

Just like the Megilla presents a screen of what’s happening in our earthly realm and Esther and Mordechai and Esther were able to penetrate the Heavens and “read” the “telegram” from G-d by grasping the shapes and contour of its expression on earth[1], so too we are called to interpret Hashem’s doings in the world in ways that assist us in coming closer to Him in these unprecedented times.  The whiffs of mashiach are tantalizingly close and tickling our nostrils!

A sure measure to ease the transition to the cosmic shabbos is to bring in Shabbos earlier and with great love and presence of mind.

Here is an interpretation for a kavana you can have while you say the special prayer before lighting candles when you bring in shabbos this week.  It is in the “style” of the tikkunei zohar!

[The prayer starts:]

Hashem, may it be you Will, our G-d and the G-d of our fore-fathers, that You bestow upon us and all those close to us and the entire Jewish people good and long life, and that you remember us for good and for blessing, and that You account for us with salvation and compassion, and fill our homes with blessing.

[special kavana starts here]

May You rest Your Schechina upon us…. Hashem’s presence (the Shabbos Bride) becomes our Keter – Crown and starts the process 
May You bless us to raise sons and grandsons (daughters and granddaughters) who are wise (chachamim – this is chachma) and understanding (bina)

who love G-d (Chessed)

and fear G-d (gevurah)

men of truth (Tiferet)

and of holy seed (netzach and hod)

connected and bound to G-d (yesod)
and who illuminate the world with Torah and good deeds and all of Hashem’s holy work (Malchut)…

Please, hear our prayers at this time, in the merit of Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah our fore-mothers and allow our light to shine so that it is never extinguished,and illuminate us with revealing your Face and we will be saved.


[As it says in the Megilla, we strive to bring Hashem’s dominion to earth “b’Keter Malchut”, from all the way up on high until it is perfectly matched and reflected down here on earth.  This is the Shabbos Malka!]

Good shabbos

[1] Esther 4:1, Rashi

(originally written Mar 13 2020, published Mar 15 2024)