Chanuka Special – Join the School

Chanuka Sameach!

It is the first night of Chanuka… and a new light is filling the world.  

It is a quiet light, a secret light, borrowed from another world.

Everything else about Chanuka stays the same, save some festive foods and games.

Yet the light builds.  Day one, day two…. until the miraculous 8th day, taking us above time and space.

Do you know that if you add up all the candles we light on Chanuka, it equals 36 lights? 

36 is the number of hours that the world was filled with another type of light before the first darkness descended on Adam and Chava, on the first motzai shabbos, and they plummeted from their place in Gan Eden. 

36 is also the numerical value of our foremother, Leah.  (lamed = 30, aleph = 1, heh = 5 = 36.)

What is the significance of that? 


The answer to that is the same answer to the following 6 questions that I shared with you a few months ago.  

I will refresh your memory.  I wonder if you relate to any of these.

They are: 

🔸 Do you feel shame inside you because you feel that you don’t fit into a standard traditional woman’s role despite how much you try?  

🔹 Do you feel that most shalom bayis classes or marriage courses don’t quite resolve conflict or a lack of fulfillment you are experiencing in your marriage?  

🔸 Have you been single for a while and though you desperately want to get married, you can’t seem to find your man?

🔹 Do you feel apathetic about your Judiasm and leave religious issues to your husband? Or … 

🔸 Do you feel connected to Hashem but disappointed that your husband isn’t as spiritual as you?

🔹 Are you in the middle of your child-rearing years and feel like there’s a part of you that you don’t know how to nourish to keep yourself vibrant and happy within all the demands of life?


The answer to all of these is the contents of the Chava course. 

But I will tell it to you anyway, because the way secrets work is that only when you understand them do you understand them, so I don’t mind saying it right here.

The answer is that its time to introduce the “higher feminine” into our archetype.  

This is new territory and we can only explore it with the guidance and sages of the Torah. 

It’s what I formerly alluded to with the term; “Pre-messianic” woman.

It is not a concept.  It is a shift.

And this is your Chanuka present.


So…. here’s what I did.  

With tremendous gratitude to the ladies in the group, who showed up, shared themselves, and will make you want to move to South Africa just to be their friends, I have decided to open the first session for the duration of Chanuka so that you can peak what’s inside the school.

You are welcome to share this with anyone (women only). 

It is called “Meet Your Archetype” and contains some of the foundational pieces for the journey ahead. 

Here’s a quote from the session; “the way that archetypes work is that according to what you believe is possible is what you are able to achieve..”  In other words, if we are lacking information and are aligning instead to an inner archetype that is not 100% correct, we are limiting our potential in those places. 

You will be inspired hearing the feminine archetype of this group.

Here’s how you access the first session for free:  

Go to the school (HERE) and sign in.  

You can select to watch the highlights of the whole course (11 min), the intro session, or session 1 called “Meet Your Archetype”.  Select Session 1: “Meet your Archetype”


So here’s the great news!

Since class 1 is the free intro (called The Lost Princess) and session 1 I have opened up for you for free, there are only 8 sessions left in the first series, Chava.

I know that you will want to join us next year as we move ahead to the Imahos with Hashem’s help as we explore the deepest and most relevant secrets of Jewish womanhood, from light to vessel, from Torah to application.   

Without having the foundation of what we cover in Chava, you won’t be able to join us.

SO – I am making an opportunity for whoever can join us now for Chanuka to hop on at $79 for the whole course.  

That’s about 50% off!  

It is Torah and it wants to be shared.

Fees are there to make it viable for us all…

This is just for Chanuka in honor of the great light.

Price will go back to normal in 8 days.

I can’t wait to meet you in person.

In this course you will: 

~ learn the secrets of the archetypal story of femininity encoded into the creation of the first woman

~ discover how we fit into the collective greatness of all the women that have lived before us through 65+ classical, Chassidic and mystical sources, including diagrams and translations

~ receive a new paradigm with which you will be able to understand yourself better

~ realize and develop your inherent feminine gifts

~ learn about the four levels of femininity and be able to track yourself on the map of growth 

~ Understand what took place in the Garden of Eden in a way you haven’t before – and what that means for you 

~ Become immune to rejection! and how to put on your crown! 🙂

~ Go on a healing journey to bring light to your darkness and greater perspective to your pain

~ Be inspired to become a leader and empower other women to rise! 

~ Learn the subtle art of feminine influence 

~ and more

I am shy to share the following pieces of “praise”, though when they come in, they mean so much to me, so I will.  To each one of you (also those not mentioned here) – we are circle dancing. 

“Biggest paradigm shift in healing I’ve had…” Shaindel from LA, from a live webinar

“This course was like hearing my name when I had forgotten who I was…” from a now dear friend who probably doesn’t want me to mention her name, from the UK

“Guiding us on a Geula Journey…” – thank you so much to author and teacher Nechama Sara Nadbourney – Burgman, you too are doing the same… 

“Unlocked a new dimension of living for me…” – Rebbitzen and so much more, Wendy Hendler, South Africa

“Deep.  Practical.  Transformative.”

To join, click HERE