Reflections 2021

Reflections 2021

Shavua tov dear <> ! I am sitting down to write some reflections on the closure of the academic year, marking the transition into a new one. Why do I do this? It is a special gift I give myself. While we are so busy pushing forward, it feels so good to just stop, reflect, and connect. I am writing…

Co-Create Yourself Anew this Year- Teshuva as Healing

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Tisha B’Av 2022 Grieving Workshop. Creating the Vessel for Redemption

Coming into our Jerusalem

 Tamar Taback & Yael Benjamin. KOL ISHA – for women only. We can build our Jerusalem below, together. Sign up for the next music video or to receive news about the Nexus and Rise! programs

Receiving our Feminine Torah. (A conversation only we can have) [Nishmat Group]

Nexus Reunion, NY/NJ

R’ Shimon shows us how to see our own light. When everything flips