The Rise of the Holy Feminine

As women living in pre-Moshiach times, our roles and needs are evolving. Unlike our mothers in the shtetl, we are less focused on the physical need to survive. Our souls our yearning for more. We have an unquenchable thirst for learning, our intellect is blossoming and we’re constantly seeking solutions.

As women, we are natural Healers. It is an innate part of our make-up. A component of our partnership with Hashem.

For Jewish women, there are so many fields and modalities that promise healing. And yet, our souls cry to come home. We crave a Torah context to hold all the pieces of our lives together.

This is what the Nexus School of Transformational Torah brings to you

Join a community of growth-oriented women in a journey of self-discovery and newfound understanding. Together we’ll seek and find as we explore the depths of healing from a Torah perspective.

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