Heartfelt letter from Elianna

[Elianna wrote this letter as a gift to me.  Thank you, Elianna.] 

I’ve known Rebetzen Taback for a long time. 

Years in fact.

Our pre-school boys went to school together and built lego at playdates.

We’ve spent many hours discussing complex aspects of nutrition and spirituality

She’s a soul friend who reminds me of what it means to be whole. 

I’ve been to many of her classes and workshops (in-person too).

Every interaction with her, leaves me nourished, seen and elevated.

But until this year, when I joined her team, I had no idea.

Of what she’s put in. 

Of how she stays up till 3am.

Of her dedication.
Her drive.
her singular focus and her vision for each of us

Her investment of thousands of precious hours, and tens of thousands of dollars (do you know how weak the South African currency is?)

All while being an incredibly present parent to her beautiful (and demanding) family, and facing her own health journey.

Doing it all with love. 

With grace. With calm. With trust.

Not for her own kavod. Not to make money. Not to become famous.

But because she has a divine purpose to spark and grow the movement. 

Because she wants every single Jewish woman to access

Her worth
Her glory
Her healing.

Even in this crazy upside-down world where we are lost, far and have forgotten our names.

And from the tip of Africa, she has ignited a revolution

Of women searching, seeking, hoping.

Finding themselves again through her classes

Spreading this deep Torah, over and over.

If it were up to her, she’d be engrossed in Torah learning all day, or painting, or composing music…while being a mother.

But she jumped headfirst into the world and technology and marketing because of her vision for YOU. 

Social media, recordings, Zoom, whatsapp, website building, Mailchimp scheduling…

Each done with her signature delicacy and beauty that we deserve.

For one reason.

To change the lives of Jewish women, so we can bring the Geula.

As this month of free classes end (which was only possible due to hundreds of hours of planning and effort), there are dozens of women desperate to carry on learning.

But as much as she’d love to sponsor them all, the well has run dry.

Rebbetzin Taback would not want me to tell you this, but she cannot fund this anymore herself.

She’s exhausted her own limits.

Professional recordings, daily emails, transcripts and discussion forums give you the best learning experience you could ask for.

And she has done this for one reason: for Hashem’s glory.

Never mind the thousands of hours she’s put in – sacrificing so much. 

So, we’re turning to you, dear woman, asking you

To sponsor a woman for a month, a semester, or a year.- or any amount you choose

Your contribution – no matter how large or small – will allow another woman, another family, another generation of Jews to fulfill their deepest purpose, and play their role in bringing Hashem’s light into the world.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for answering the call. 

Today, you have the opportunity to build the future of Nexus, and enabling the future of our transcendent, beautiful community.

Click here to donate any amount – every dollar counts.
Your donation will help other women carry on learning.

Thank you for your generosity and love.

With love,

Eliana and the Nexus team