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Last day for the chanuka special 

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Jewish women lead busy lives and it’s hard to stay inspired… until now! Rebbetzin Tamar Taback’s internationally acclaimed, online “Chava Course” on TheNexus.org is guaranteed to infuse the spiritual and searching Jewish woman’s busy schedule with inspiration, depth and meaning.

TheNexus.org is an online school where women explore the remarkable power of Jewish femininity through the lens of Torah. The recently released Chava Course has already transformed the lives of many aspiring women. Join the course during Chanuka by clicking here (http://thenexus.org//school-2) and get almost half-off from the $149 tuition using the discount code “Chanuka5780”.  Click here (https://bit.ly/2sqCGUr) to get a taste of the school and watch the first session free during Chanuka.

We asked Rebbetzin Taback a few questions about the school.

What is the Nexus about and why specifically women?

Women are represented by the moon, and the moon’s light is rising. There’s something shifting in the world and women with their unique feminine gifts have a crucial role to play.

What is your background?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with the deep regard the Torah holds for the feminine. Although that doesn’t mean I didn’t have questions.

As a daughter of South African Ba’alei Teshuva and Bas-Bayis of the Teshuva Revolutionary R’ Akiva Tatz, I was blessed to access the teachings of R’ Moshe Shapiro ztz”l through his talmidim, including R’ Tatz, R’ Gideon Nitsun from St. Louis, R’ Shimon Wolpe of Johannesburg, R’ Aaron Lopiansky of Greater Washington, and Israeli author R’ Shlanger of Sefer Ohel Rachel fame.  My journey took me through BJJ and Neve, through the outstanding works “the Moon’s Lost Light” by Devorah Heshelis, “Kabbalistic Writings on the nature of Masculine and Feminine” by Sarah Yehudit Schneider and most recently the newly released “Who is this Rising” by R’ Nir Menussi (available in Hebrew only).   My training in music, art, psychology and coaching all came together when I founded the Nexus School of Torah for Women, with the intention of exploring “where light meets vessel and where women meet their inner selves”.

What is unique about the school?

The school is designed for transformation on the deepest level as together we rise into our greatness as Jewish women.  Fashioning our best selves is the highest art form, Torah itself is called a song, and healing ourselves is the surest way to heal the world.  The importance of a healed feminine archetype was no secret to our sages hundreds of years ago when they predicted “in the merit of righteous women we were redeemed from Egypt (and on Chanuka and Purim!) and in the merit of righteous women we will be redeemed with the coming of Moshiach”.

What is the connection between women and the moon?

The moon is the icon of the feminine archetype and though she was diminished on the fourth day of creation when she complained that “two kings (lit. luminaires) can’t share a single crown”, Isaiah 30:26 reveals that in the future, the reflected light of the moon will be as brilliant the light of the sun and that sun and moon will indeed share a crown.  R’ Dessler explains with his sensitive pen in Michtav M’Eliyahu that feminine gifts (such as emotional brilliance and others) need to be revealed and harnessed in order to achieve the healed world that we crave.  It is therefore imperative that as women we know what our gifts are and know how to wield their power in the context of Torah.

What is the format of learning at the online school?

It is not enough to see the sources in text form.  It is necessary to coax these teachings out of the recesses of the intellect until they simmer in the chicken soup and fill our hearts, (and our children’s!) with joy and transform our marriages into their pre-Moshiach happy state.   There is no other option but to channel our emerging capacities along these lines. We need community, discussion, and what I call a “circle” learning model, where we explore things together to fully integrate them.

You use the women of Tanach as templates for modern women. How does this work?

The women in Torah themselves, when studied according to the Torah’s multi-textured fabric of inter-woven layers, almost speak to us directly and lovingly guide us.  There is no better place to learn about the secrets of feminine power in Torah than from the prototypes of femininity. This is the focus of our sessions, to extract practical tools from the most lofty sources. These “Nexus” sessions (what I call light + vessel, ie. Torah learning plus guided application) will expand your paradigms, kindle your light and empower you to rise.


It is now Chanuka, when the glow of the future backlights through our Menoras into the night.  

For the final 48 HOURS of Chanuka you can join the first course studying the life lessons from Chava (nine sessions) for $70 off the regular tuition of $149, now only $79. Go to (http://thenexus.org//school-2)  and enter coupon code “chanuka5780” for the special.

+ The first session is free during Chanuka!  Sign up for free HERE (https://bit.ly/2sqCGUr ) to view.



~ learn the secrets of the archetypal story of femininity encoded into the creation of the first woman

~ discover how we fit into the collective greatness of all the women that have lived before us, explored through 65+ classical, Chassidic and mystical sources, including diagrams and translations

~ receive a new paradigm with which you will be able to understand yourself better

~ realize and develop your inherent feminine gifts

~ learn about the four levels of femininity and be able to track yourself on the map of growth

~ Understand what took place in the Garden of Eden in a way you haven’t before – and what that means for you

~ Become immune to rejection and learn how to Put on Your Crown!

~ Go on a healing journey to bring light to your darkness and greater perspective to your pain

~ Be inspired to become a leader and empower other women to rise!

~ Learn the subtle art of feminine influence

~ Connect to an incredible community and participate in live hookups and group discussion.

~ and more


To join the Chava course go to (http://thenexus.org//school-2)  and enter coupon code “chanuka5780” for the special.

Or sign up for free HERE (https://bit.ly/2sqCGUr ) to view the first session for free



“Deep. Practical. Transformative.” (New York)

“This course was like hearing my name when I had forgotten who I was…” (Manchester)

“Guiding us on a Geula Journey…” (Israel)

“Biggest paradigm shift in healing I’ve had…” (California)

“Unlocked a new dimension of living for me…” (South Africa)