The Nexus Membership Journey

Where the Light of Torah Meets the Vessels of our minds, hearts, lives and relationships

Live in a thinking, growing, rising (!), transformational space where your relationship to Hashem is consistently infused with new life. Shiur-by-shiur, gem-by-gem, embrace your emerging, pre-messianic, feminine identity

You're a feeling, thinking, loving, intelligent woman. And...

There is nothing that you want more than to feel constantly connected to Hashem.

You always are.
Let me say that again..
You always are..
Your neshama is from the highest place..
You're living a life filled with good..
Structured according to His will - around family, chesed, community..
That is the REALITY..
But sometimes you don't... FEEL it...
Your FEEL as if your level of connectedness and inspiration fluctuates...
If you could draw how you FEEL, it might look something like this...

A deep enriching shiur - you feel so close!

An introspective prayer - you feel so connected!

A soul-stirring melody - you feel so open and alive!

Living on a high... Living a life of more peaks than dips,
(and the ability to know Hashem is there, even in those dips...) is a dream that we all share.

But can it be brought into reality?

When your inspiration levels are peaking,
(and you know what does it for you)
Experience a world radiant with His presence.
See Him in everything you do...
Radiate a profound sense of well-being...
Feel like your life is infused with joy...
Feel Connected.

Imagine if...

Instead of waking up and realizing that you've felt dull all week because you haven't nourished your neshama since last Tuesday... you had a magic alarm clock that would remind you, once a week, that it's time to replenish?
Instead of being confronted with thousands of sources for inspiration, you were served up just ONE shiur, by a speaker you know you love... on a subject that intrigues you... at the appropriate time of year?
Instead of wondering how you're going to prepare spiritually for the upcoming Yom Tov, you knew the answer right away - and it was at your fingertips?
Instead of feeling frustrated (guilty?) that day-to-day things, like work and family have prevented you from figuring out a consistent learning and growing schedule... it was all sorted out for you?

Yes, my dear - all that is becoming possible...!


I am excited, awed and overjoyed to present this new world to you!
B”H over the last 7 years, we have built up an entire, glittering vault of…
And private pieces of content that you’ve never heard about! 🙂

This is the first time they have been organized
and placed
one gem at a time
on a white satin bed in a navy velvet box
and dispatched to your inbox.

This is perfect for you, if...


Seasoned Connoiseur

You’ve been with me for years, reading my emails (sometimes sending one back!) and loving the transformative feminine Torah of the Nexus School.
You love that burst of inspiration the pre-yom tov shiur-release emails give you.
(You might have missed a few and you’d love to fill in your gaps)


Sporadic Sipper

You’ve got your elbows deep in the sink, your head is buzzing with your next client and you have 3 dental appointments back-to-back this afternoon.
But you STILL want to stay inspired and connected to your Judaism.
Wading through the web for something you like takes far too long…and you love the feminine Torah of the Nexus.


Exultant Taster

You only just entered the world of the Nexus School and you feel like you’ve just hit a goldmine!
Here is a whole community of intelligent, probing women who want to grow as much as you do! You’ve never felt so validated, so connected in a long time...
You’ve tasted the indescribable sweetness of a few “pre-messianic woman” shiurim - and you’re hooked!

Because it's more than just "inspiration bites in your inbox."

Each week you get another colourful thread. Together, they form a brilliant, vivid tapestry of the Rising of the Feminine at the end of days...

The Membership journey will take you from the very first "pre-messianic" shiur that I recorded without an audience and shyly posted on Torah Anytime to my most recent shiurim, delivered to thousands of women around the world.
The period between the two, has been one of immense growth, learning, and progress.
The shiurim inside the Membership landmark the journey.
I want you to travel that journey too! By listening and absorbing the material in an organized progression, you will fill in your blanks and thoroughly master concepts that today I will only reference in passing.
Light? Vessels? The holy feminine? When the right time comes, you will revel in each shiur devoted to these concepts giving you a powerful foundation to soar ever higher.

Here's a sneak peek of the treasures inside the membership...

The Mystical Meaning of Hair Covering

Discover the left side - the feminine side of the sefiros! Exult in a taste of the kedusha of intimacy, tznius and bracha.

Miriam's Circle Dance: Aligning to the Future

Grasp the mysterious, magical differences between masculinity and femininity... circular vs. linear.
Step in the kabbalistic worlds of Akudim, Nekudim and Berudim...

Holystic Healing

Enter the dazzling world of "light" entering "vessels", and get a crystal-clear definition of each.

Marriage Right, Left and Center

Master the principles that underscore a beautiful traditional marriage vs. a brilliant pre-messianic marriage and the differences between them. Rise into your perfect, pre-messianic relationship

Holy Selfhood

This class flips everything you ever learned about self-development on its head!
Understand why battling the ego is the focus for men, but for women, it's the precise opposite... there is a whole other mesora you must know…

The Breathtaking Hidden Story of Esther as our Guide in the Evolving Feminine

Savour the mysterious seven stages of feminine development according to Sod.
Define the differences between "face-to-face" and "back-to-back" relationships.

Releasing Blocks to Penimiyus HaTorah

Peel back the veil on how it's okay to learn the secrets of sod (based on the Sifsei Chen) and address various blocks to learning penimiyus HaTorah.

The Crash course in Shalom Bayis

Master the basics of how to come into your power as a woman to mold the relationship that brings out the best of you both. Practical, skill based and foundational, watch how your perspectives and emotions change along the way. And rejoice as the peace in your soul mirrors the peace in your home!

Difficult times, different Perspective.

A dear friend in South Africa - Leeanne was diagnosed with cancer. Reeling, I delivered this class. Inside you will find chizuk for challenging and difficult times through the dazzling insight of Penimiyus HaTorah...

Tefilla Series

Immerse yourself into this exquisite introduction to the feminine of the mind: Chachma, binah, daas and how they interact, Pay homage to the queen of the conciousness and connect the Neshama and the physical part of the mind through Tefilla.

Nexus will hold your hand and guide your heart throughout the year, and prepare you for the Yamim Tovim...

Glimpse what's in store for...

Chanuka... Purim... Shavuos... Shabbos... Tisha Be'Av...

Each Mo'ed (festival) is a world to to explore, through the Nexus lens of deep, feminine Torah!

The Breathtaking Story of Esther as Our Guide in the Evolving Feminine

The Summits were enthralling - but...

You didn't manage to listen to all the workshops before they expired. And you were hesitant that you would ever get around to all of them even if you DID invest in forever access...

Get each workshop of each Summit served up to you in a digestible, delicious sequence!

The Rosh Hashona Summit

The Marriage Summit

The Creativity Summit

The Healing Summit

A place to ask, share and belong

In true Nexus fashion, there will be a devoted, safe Google-group email community filled with wonderful, striving women, treading the same path of growth. Finally, a priceless group of other women, just like you!

Grow... together!

You might be wondering...

No, you don't! This is a looser structure than a course. Each shiur, or series, has stand-alone value. Every so often, there will be a short series of shiurim on a single topic, that would benefit more from consistent listening.

Between around 30 minutes and an hour, sometimes 2 hours for a Masterclass, or 10 mins for the Mesilas Yesharim series. Perfect for doing the dishes or the laundry - or putting your feet up with a cup of coffee for some well-deserved you-time!

Generally once-per week, though sometimes we will serve a second shiur when we have a bonus, say for the Parasha or Rosh Chodesh, or Tu B’shvat. On some occasions, it will be more often - like on Chanuka - a shiur per day, or a shiur per day in the run-up to Pesach for when you're cleaning!

For sure! Each release will be via email, with the phone details included.

Sure! But we're not sure when.
It's worth considering that this is a monthly, rolling membership, so if you can't start now, you can join in a few weeks from now.
It's worth considering: Will life ever get less busy?

Handpicked and structured by Rebbetzin Tamar - the shiurim that familiarize you with all the concepts you need to build up the big picture of the Rise of the Holy Feminine. Access to ALL Rebbetzin Taback’s materials in every format, including not often marketed programs designed to lead into the Rise! Series. (This membership DOES NOT include the Rise! Series.)

No, it's for anyone who is intensely curious about how the rise of the feminine affects relationships at whatever stage of life! Singles: set down your mental frameworks NOW for incredible Shalom Bayis iyH when the time is right. (P.S. Make sure you listen to the fascinating series based on the daughters of Tzelofchad for single and newly married women!)

You will have unlimited access to the content while you are enrolled! You are also to welcome to download any content you'd like. If you decide to cancel, you will not continue to have access. However, if you complete the full 2-year cycle, then you get lifetime access to all the material!

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