Nexus Healing Pre-Messianic Woman Coaching

Spiritual & integrative coaching

Spiritual navigation in the real world
Where YOUR light meets YOUR vessel

Living a conscious, Torah-true life asks of us to claim all of the sparks in our soul, those we see as light and those that we fear are our darkness (read; trapped light). Wherever you experience pain is transformation waiting to happen. Becoming whole with Hashem, ourselves and others turns our life into a song.

Skype option available.

Nexus Healing private sessions, Pre-Messianic Woman Coaching

and Pre-Messianic Marriage coaching

Nexus Healing private work is a combination Torah guidance,
alternative healing modalities and psychological self-awareness and

Pre-Messianic Woman and Pre-messianic marriage coaching uses the
pre-messianic woman paradigm to guide a woman in her relationship to
herself, her husband, family and Hashem.

Rebbitzen Taback has received an Honors in psychology from Thomas
Edison State Collage (2014) and is an Inner Torah guide  “healing the
child within”. She has studied EFT (emotional freedom technique) with
Lana Ackerman (2017) and Encounter centered Couples Therapy with Hedy
Schleifer (2016-18). She brings together a varied range of modalities
and Torah paradigms across the spiritual, mental, emotional and
physical planes for personal empowerment, healing and holystic

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