Pre-Rosh Hashanah Transformational Torah Summit for Women

our aim is to empower and guide aspiring Jewish women to realize their fullest potential in the extraordinary times in which we are living

video for women only please

“In the past six months, our world has experienced incredible disruption… and while we may not have been paying attention, a potential for a new knowing – a new awareness – has emerged,” says Rebbetzin Tamar Taback, founder of the online Nexus school of Transformational Torah for women.

“Hashem is lovingly escorting us to a new era. While our world has been thrown into fear and isolation and we have been looking the other way, a parallel reality – one of love, connection, humility and a stronger desire for Hashem –is slowly emerging.

I see women as being essential to this shift,” says Tamar.

“Since it is the ultimate “Shabbos” millennium that we are approaching (considering we are towards the end of the sixth millennium), all the qualities of the feminine – the Shabbos bride – are rising.

It is upon us as Jewish women to inspire a new world.”

Rebbetzin Taback and an incredible team of women have put together their first Transformational Torah World Summit and it is called “Rise! Into your Crown.” South African Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein will be presenting the opening address, followed by a world class line-up.

The name of the corona-strain virus with its allusions to crowns is impossible to ignore. Rosh Hashana, too, with its imperative to coronate Hashem as King also conjures up crown imagery. What is less obvious is what Taback means when she invites women to “rise!” into their crown. What is this journey into which she is inviting others?

“Real women with real challenges are able to “rise!” when they access the power-source that has been hiding all of history in our very own tradition, our holy Torah,” she says.

“It is my dream that every woman rise into her Crown of Malchut (royalty) and come into Rosh Hashana from a place of Torah-true power and dignity, connection to her higher values and inner wisdom, in order to be all that she could be.”

The summit will be hosting speakers and educators par excellence, such as Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, Rebbitzen Tzipora Heller-Gottleib, and Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, just in its opening 2 days.

On day 3 of the summit, Tamar will be interviewing three of the pivotal authors and thought-leaders that have inspired a movement of the rise of authentic feminine Jewish power.

The middle week will feature 10 mini-Transformational workshops Torah, including coaches, healers and dynamic teachers. All programming will be both live and available on replay up until Rosh Hashana.

For the full program including some surprises at the end, check out the schedule at

The desire of the project and its founder is for this to be a gift for Jewish women – times have been hard and we need all the inspiration we can get. The sessions are available for dedication in honor of a loved one if you are moved to assist.

If you are a Jewish woman, you need to know that you are already wearing a crown. It’s time you connected with it.

Rise! Into a superconscious feminine knowing together with many others this Elul.

The Rise! Into your Crown summit – a new knowing, in unknowable times.

There has never been a better time.

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