Reflections 2021

Shavua tov dear <> !

I am sitting down to write some reflections on the closure of the academic year, marking the transition into a new one.

Why do I do this?

It is a special gift I give myself. While we are so busy pushing forward, it feels so good to just stop, reflect, and connect.

I am writing this on motzai shabbos, when I am the farthest from the work week. I want to share these quiet moments.

Jan 1 is always deep into the summer here in Johannesburg. My kids are home, and the days and weeks take on a difference cadence.

I know the Gregorian year is not Jewishly significant in any way. But living in South Africa, it is how the school year is arranged, and thus my own activities too.

It is a chance to appreciate all the productivity, the gifts we have been given, the interactions we’ve had, new spiritual vistas we have discovered, conversations we’ve opened, and all the places we’ve been.

Your involvement in our community is what makes it so dynamic and vibrant. So firstly, I want to say thank you, to each one of you, for being here.

Most importantly, I thank Hashem for all the opportunities that lie behind and ahead of us, to know Him, to learn His Torah, and to see the goodness in each other.

We, and Jewish women everywhere, are quite a [rising] force.

So here goes some reflections.

If you want to read my end of the academic year letter from previous years you will find them on my blog (or click here. But wait.)

So, 2021.

Covid’s waves and surges continued. In fact, as I write this, I am recently recovered from omicron. BH.

The year started (like all creative endeavours) underground.

For months, within a deceptively caked and dry earth, there was a flurry of energy rising, preparing for the release of the first entire year program at the Nexus School of Transformational Torah for Women, the Rise! Series.

The series took years in the making, directly evolving out of our holy chutzpah to explore the role of the woman in the pre-messianic era, in light of Chazal.

This grand and sweeping intention found expression as we strove to live what we were learning and to bring “light to vessel”, the teachings into the crevices of our lives, hearts and relationships.

Some of us are married, some single, some seasoned Torah-learners and others came simply with a great desire.

We had one thing in common: because we wanted this Torah, Hashem gave it to us.

The depth of the sources, the paradigm shifts, the bonding of the community, the power of the healing… your letters have streamed in and I can’t find the words to thank you for your warmth and your love, your encouragement and most of all, your questions and uncompromising search for the truth. Together we have grown in leaps and bounds.

It was fitting that it was on Tu B’shvat when we opened our doors – and hundreds of women rushed through them. It wasn’t for everyone to embark on the depth of it, but it completely changed everything for those who did. We tasted the sweet taste of the Torahs’ inner waters, and we primed our hearts for a transformation.

And with Hashem’s help, it happened.

And so we began, with The Chava Course, recorded with state of the art technology in 2019. (You literally feel like you are there. Watch the highlights video and scroll down the Chava landing page to see what’s in every single class.)

The community went onto Sarah, with a great thirst, where we explored how the “Pre-Messianic woman, the woman living before the times of mashiach” creates a relationship with her husband (or husband to be).

Just when we thought we couldn’t take any more mind-expanding new paradigms… (I literally got this complaint from someone!), we moved onto the soft and feminine energy of Rivka Imeinu in the course on prayer.

Each one of the Rise! Series courses came with live group coaching sessions and a community forum that will make a book one day beH (a thriller).

The nexus mentors (the previous year’s graduates, click on the link to meet them) were phenomenal in what they brought to the learning experience, their dedication, and how they role modelled the teachings. I want to thank each one of them for their belief in me, in themselves and in the new women who joined the school.

In between all of this… Nexus opened up to another world-wide summit, The Global Marriage Conference, this time on the theme of marriage (following the Sarah course theme).

The calibre of teachers was world class, including R’ Noach Orloweck, Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov, Sara Yocheved Rigler, Leah Richeimer, R’ Yaakov Zalmon Labinsky, Mrs. Rena Tarshish, Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov, Mrs. Gila Levitt, R’ Shlomo Slatkin, Mrs. Faige Zelcer, Mrs. Chana Levitan, Mrs. Chana Eisenstein, Mrs. Leah Gebber, and R’ Avraham Edelstein.

This was free to the thousands of women who joined us, and each session was as unique as its guest. (Yes, it was all recorded.)

One of the gifts of this year was the addition of Hendy to the team. I cannot even describe how hard she works to respond and assist everyone personally via email, and all of the technical details she takes care of with round the clock dedication. May Hashem bless her with siyatta dishmaya in all she does and much nachas from her family.

This year was also the year where we lost the woman for whom so many shiurim were dedicated for over the years. Lee-Ann (Chaya Leah) was always so proud of whatever we were achieving, and had developed a keen sense of spirituality far beyond her years. May Hashem send her family nechama and siyatta dishmaya as they go on.

Since promoting the Rise! Series this year took massive amounts of my energy, I have needed a period of inwardness over the past few months. There has been much on the go on the home front, including a family wedding, visits from my parents and siblings who I haven’t seen in a few years, and sending my 2 boys off to Yeshiva overseas BH.

(Me with my sister-in-law, Adina)

In the background, we have been upgrading the website and free shiur treasury, (which I’ll give you a tour soon) and… I have started to set up my very own music studio. My hope is to capture some of my arrangements in a high level and shareable format. This has been a major learning curve.

Just for fun, I am sharing a exciting and fun piece of contemporary classical music, using special looping technology. Its called the Loop Song, composed by Hungarian pianist Peter Bence. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 (or click the picture)

(painting by Betty M-T)

We are now in the beginning of the Tefilla Series, my foundational series on the sefiros and their psycho-emotional expression – a map of the Jewish mind and soul. The second session is being released today, and you can still join us.

We are meeting for a live masterclass session at the end of the month (Jan 30th/ 28th Shevat). See below to join (or click on the picture)

So… now where am I?

I am deep into the waters of Rachel and Leah.

Before I go on, I want to take a moment to appreciate my teachers, Rabbanim and women who through mesirat nefesh, avail themselves to me when I encounter questions. They don’t all want to be mentioned by name, but they are gifts in my life and I am so grateful for all they give me at the drop of a hat.

Rachel and Leah is so deep…. And so relevant. I can’t wait to share it with you.

The starting date BeH is Feb 15, Purim Katan (14 Adar Aleph). We will be finished before Nissan (it’s a 7 week live course). It will bring the healing of the Rise! series alllllll the way home. (click the picture)

I always try to release some free shiurim, time permitting.

The flavour of the year (probably because of my research for the Rise! Series) has been an introduction to Arizal. The shiurim I released in 2021 can be found at the bottom of this email.

Each one of these shiurim has another foundational piece for the rise of the holy feminine.

Let’s see where we go next, with Hashem’s blessings of health and protection, light and vessels.
May you and your loved ones, our community and all of Klal Yisroel, continue to be blessed.

And may the world have a Refuah…. and its ultimate yeshua.

Continue to be the light and healing you want to see around you,

All my love,

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