Mexico, Nexico! Retreat Reflections, part 2

Extracted from my post-retreat communication letter to the the Mexico retreat participants.

On the last day, we did a unique 4-step Nexus breakthrough guided vessel work to bring light to the dark side of our moon, which is synonymous (psycho-spiritually) with rising into our crown.  You can do this 4-step process as many times as you like for the big things and the small things. It is nice to have a group or partner when going through the steps, but using a journal and some quiet time to reflect will also yield amazing results. [If you are reading this and you were not present at the retreat, stay tuned for when I am able to bring this to light in a bigger way bs”d, or contact for a private session.]

Attesi will always have a cherished place in my heart.  Carol Esther, Andrea and Danielle outdid themselves with attention to every detail.  The food was out of this world – so healthy, interesting and delicious.  And the venue – a pocket of Gan Eden on our troubled planet!  May Attesi only know Bracha, success, peace and true Jewish nachas (no – not nachos!  nachas 🙂 ) and many more wonderful retreats on their exquisite campus.

I now how thirsty you came and how much you wanted to penetrate the secrets of the feminine.  The Kabbalistic teachings that are the heart of Nexus are completely revolutionary and require a lot of safety and commitment.  I would like to look back at our sessions, quantify what we built and covered, and then for those of you that would like, explore  your next steps in the amazing journey of actualizing your feminine potential as a Jewish woman.  (One thing is for sure – I definitely came away feeling that the information needs to be put into book form – and made accessible to the world (and translated into Spanish beH!  I will need donors!)

So here is a quick review.

At the opening session, we tasted the fact that the feminine has 2 parts – one that is called “Malchus” in mystical texts and the other that is called “Bina”.  (Also referred to as “Rochel” and “Leah”!) The “higher feminine” is “Bina” and the “lower feminine” is “Malchus”.  This was meant to “crown” the retreat as a sort of foreshadowing of what I wanted to impart in the sessions that followed.

That night at the bonfire session we described the essence of the “lower feminine”, also known as the “classical feminine”, or archetypal feminine according to Kabbalah, as one of a “receiver”, as in the biological model of man and woman.  We explored why the feminine “chromosome” of creation was fundamentally created “diminished”, flawed or incomplete on each day of creation. (Why, you ask?  So that she could rise and that free will would exist in the world, enabling the ultimate revelation of Hashem and the highest, sweetest good).  We also touched on that the “feminine” does not just refer to women and girls, but is a much more cosmic concept.  By getting these definitions in place, we laid the groundwork to begin to bring definition to what is only emerging now in these pre-messianic times – what we call at Nexus “the higher feminine”.

The next morning, we went on the glorious forest hike.  Though the meditation didn’t appear to have anything to do with the theme of rising into our higher feminine, the structure of Hashem’s name is the basis for all the Kabbalistic teachings that we eventually bring in our journey.  (For example, the first and second heh’s are the two “feminines” and the yud and vav are the two “masculines”.)

In the afternoon session in the Beis Midrash, we had the core of our learning time in which we laid down the structures of the diminishment of the moon and the prophecies regarding her ultimate regaining of her light.  We learned that this will culminate when the masculine and feminine “will indeed share one crown”.  This brought out the important question of how to navigate relationships when the man and woman are not in sync/harmony, and how to rise into our feminine without this being the cause of fractures and destruction in our relationships.  During this session, we also learned about the 3 stages of relationship (based on the Arizal), namely:  back-to-back, “nesirah” (the uncoupling of Adam and Chava when Adam was sleeping), and the ultimate stage of complete union and re-coupling as two lovers and equals partners*.(*See the masterclass “Esther as Our Guide in the Evolving Feminine” for more on this.)

It was at this point that there was sufficient grounding to begin to go more deeply into the story of creation – how there were 2 Chavas – not just one –  and the first one turned into “Lili-th” – the demon and feminine archetype of evil, and of course what this all means practically.  This is usually the moment of big shift.  Unfortunately, we did not get to do this in the time that we had for the learning segment of this retreat.  But I trust and know that everything is always as it is meant to be, and I thank Hashem for everything that He has given us and made possible at the retreat and in the larger community.  This is exactly what the Chava course is and from that foundation the Sarah, Rivka, Rachel & Leah courses germinate and build on.  Plus, learning this material over a longer period of time is WAY more conducive to your complete transformation.  (Learn more here or see below for details how you can hook up with our learning community.)

The next day, having tasted that we are on a Divinely orchestrated and guided journey of revealing our full selves, on a mission of bringing moonlight back to its original grandeur, coming to know that our healing as the feminine indicates a much deeper level of world healing, and that our rise is the best thing that can ever happen to the masculine ;)… we set out to identify our subconscious blocks and barriers that were creating dis-harmony in our lives.  I was so touched by your journeys of discovery and only wished we had more time to sit in our small groups of safety and breakthrough.  This was where the magic happened, as you brought it from the mind (the masculine) to the heart and body (the feminine).  Well, the lower feminine :), guided by your higher feminine Bina wisdom and knowing!

If you haven’t yet begun your Rise! into your Highest Feminine Journey, HERE is the place to begin.  Chava is a pre-requisite for any of the other Imahos courses, as she lays the basic structures and foundations.  Check out the Chava course HERE to see what is inside every single session.

Enjoy just below this little sneak peak inside the curriculum!  These are some of the “maps of femininity” that you will receive and beH be able to navigate your life with.

In short, Nexus is an unfolding journey and you are invited for the ride!  There is a lot in the pipeline with Hashem’s help.  If you are subscribed, stay tuned for my next global free summit beH, hosting the Jewish world’s best teachers and attended beH by thousands of women all around the world.  If you haven’t yet participated in a Nexus world summit, check them out here.

Wishing you much hatzlacha and may you continue to Rise! through the light of Torah.

All my love,


You will also find the Sarah, Rivka and Rachel Leah courses, the Tefilla series (introduction to Chassidus), the Shalom Bayis series, A Torah approach to intimacy, and more at the school.  Most of these have been transcribed into written form, too.