What’s the first thing that enters your mind when you hear the word art?

What about the word creativity?

What about expression?  

We all have associations when it comes to these ideas.

What if it was completely different from what you thought?

The topic is immensely multi-faceted, but can be missed with only a surface understanding.

To go deeper, the Nexus Organization, this year together with ATARA: The Arts & Torah Association, is hosting a ten-day global summit where, with classical Torah sources as our guide, we will plunge deep into the subject of art, creativity, expression, and beauty.

Can these really all be Torah topics? And not just stamped-and-certified kosher – for not having anything questionable in them. But actually derived from a Torah source? A piece of Torah itself? Surely Torah and art are two separate things.

Or are they?

We used to have a Beis Hamikdash. The building was of spectacular architectural design, a stunning sight to behold. Could this be art?

The Leviim would play beautiful arrangements on musical instruments, accompanied by breathtaking vocals. Could this be creativity?

Could it be that art, creativity, and beauty are Torah-derived concepts?

And why is there so much confusion about this today?

With the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash, the Jewish people were cast into exile.

And along with them, beauty itself.

Nowadays, we can catch sparks of beauty here and there – but it’s strewn among the garbage of our world. It can be hard to pick it out, to differentiate between true beauty and what only looks appealing but is, in reality, spiritually dangerous.

Beauty is in exile.

It’s our work to rectify that – to reel it back in and reinstate it within the context of Torah and Kedusha once again, where it belongs.

Rise! Into your Crown Worldwide Summit for Women, III Bringing the Arts & Creativity out of Exile Arts & Creativity for the Rising Jewish Woman


This is not an informational conference, but a transformative experience. 

It’s designed to be applied, to change, and to heal.

Together, we will explore the deepest definition of ourselves: who we and why we create.

This is not just about self-expression.

This is not about ego.

This is not about competition.



But… What does it mean for a woman to find her voice, and use it, b’kedusha?

It’s about rising into our calling as women.
And that can be many things! How we mother. How we are wives. How we give to the community. How we teach. How we sing. And how we make art.
It’s about co-creating ourselves together with Hashem.
Personal development is the ultimate creative act. Our lives are our biggest masterpiece!
It’s about a portal to self-discovery and self-knowledge.
A lot of healing happens when we get in touch with ourselves.
It’s about finding your unique piece that completes the bigger picture.
Like a complex symphony, every individual has a part to play. It’s a singular expression of your soul that only you have.
It’s about inspiring and supporting others to find their own voice
Torah-true art is never competitive – her completion is also yours. We’re all playing in the same symphony.



Join Jewish women around the world as they awaken to their gifts and realize their power to heal and inspire – and develop themselves, each other, and the world, through Torah.

Gain more confidence, joy, and sense of purpose by learning to channel your full self, your voice and your gifts, into Torah-true service of Hashem.

Our goal is that you find permission to create, develop new relationships, personal inspiration, access to resources, and even some new skills and practical know-how.

But, more than all that – that you discover why you are drawn to create, who you are as a creator, and how that fits in with your deepest identity as a Jewish woman.

“Aliya L’regel” Officially summit “niggun” composed especially for the summit by Jared Lazarus
Official summit niggun backing track for female vocalist