Summit Program

Day 1 – Sunday, SEPT 4

(All times are EST)

1pm Rebbetzin Tamar Taback / Theme Presentation: Bringing the Lights of Leah into This World

1:40pm Rabbi Leibish Hundert  /  Beyond Information: Creative Expression in Torah Life; The Essential Role of Creative Expression in Torah-True Living.

2:10pm Rabbi Shimon Wolpe  / Speech, Song and Shofar.  A Story of Souls from the Women in Torah

2:30pm  Rabbi Nir Menussi  / Recapturing the Lost Beauty

2:55pm Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller Gottlieb   / Jewish Womanhood in the Reflection of the Divine

Day 2 – Monday, SEPT 5

(All times are EST)

1pm Rabbi Akiva Tatz  /   Art and Woman’s Beauty

1:30pm Sarah Yehudit Schneider /  Yiskah, Sarai, and Sarah: Feminine Expression

2:00pm Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman / The Union of Masculine & Feminine at the End of Days 

2:30pm  Sarah Goldstein (Prijs) / The Interface Between Inner Creativity, Emunah, and Finding Torah Within

2:50pm Reva Emunah Seidel / Topic: Creativity, Humor& Laughter: The Healing Gift of Clowning


Day 3 – Tuesday, SEPT 6

(All times are EST)

1pm Chana Bracha Siegelbaum Exploring the Inherent Connection Between Torah, Womanhood & Creativity

1:15pm Bracha Goetz / Lets Climb the Pleasure Ladder 

1:30pm Miriam Leah Gamliel / The Creative – Spiritual Personality

1:50pm Dina Etigson  /  Introduction to Rav Kook and Creative Breakthrough  

2:05pm Bracha Adrezin / Opening Voice as a Portal to Healing

2:20pm Amy Guterson / Entering the Dream: Geula and Creativity

2:35pm Devora Gila Berkowitz / Expressing your Inner Voice to Reveal Hashem in your Life 

2:50pm Yonatan Razel / Bringing Music Out of Exile (Keynote Interview and Performance)

Day 4 – Wednesday, SEPT 7

(All times are EST)

1pm Rabbi Yussie Zakutinsky / Opening: The Hidden Dimensions of Music  

1:15pm Chava Rachel Saban / Searching for the Song of Redemption (with Violin performance)

1:30pm Rebbitzen Tamar Taback / Piano

1:45pm Rachel Farency / Piano

2pm Rivka Nahari /  Piano, Flute and Horn

2:15pm Yona Jakobovitz and Tamar Attias of the band Tofa’ah /Dusting the Soul (with Percussion and Flute performance)

2:30pm  Bracha Bdil & Shoshi Brunner/ The Zmora Jerusalem Women’s Orchestra

2:40pm Yaara Sandock / Vocal Performance of Original Music

2:50pm Lisa Aronson Friedman / Praising Hashem Together: Kol Zimrah Baltimore Women’s Choir

3pm Elena Tal / From the World’s Professional Stage to the Torah Stage. Discovering Singing with Kedusha (with Vocal performance)

3:10pm Jezliah / Vocal Performance of Original Music

3:20pm Rebbitzen Judith Gerzi / Vocal Performance of Original Music

Day 5 – Thursday, SEPT 8

(All times are EST) 

1pm Aviva Spiegel / The Overlooked Magic Formula for Geula Consciousness: Collective Dance, Drum, and Song

1:20pm Rachel Factor  / Dance with Purpose 

1:35pm Aviva Gottlieb / Collecting Sparks in the African Diaspora (live dance)

1:45pm Shaked Sebag  / A Conversation with the RBS Dance &  Music Academy director

2pm Gitty Porgesz / Dance Beyond Limits (10 min speak/5 min dance presentation)

2:15pm Rochelle Martin / T’nuat Halev:  An Integrative Approach to Jewish Creativity & Wellbeing
(Interview & Expressive Movement Presentation)

2:30pm Tracy Carno  / Prayer Through Dance

2:45pm Elisheva Golani / Aerial Skills

2:55pm Rivka Nahari / Ballet Company Dance & Movement

3:05pm Shelley Michal Dembe / Soulstir

Day 6 – Sunday, SEPT 11

(All times are EST)

1pm Rae Shagalov / Surfing the G-dly Wave; Understanding the Creative Process 

1:20pm Braha Bender / Art & Emunah

1:30pm Sheva Chaya / Glassblowing/Ignite Your Creativity with Torah

1:50pm Orit Martin / Artist Introspective

2pm Yehudis Barmatz-Harris / Art Through Experience: Installation, Video and Assemblage 

2:15pm Nechama Sarah Burgeman / Creating Through Torah Archetypes as a Healing Process

2:30pm Tzippora Nussbaum  / A Peek into Charedi Clothes from an Artist’s Point of View

2:45pm Naama Nothman / Tribute by Rebbtizen Tamar Taback

2:50pm Chana Gamliel / The Parochet: The Soul of the Shul

3pm Toby Klein Greenwald / To Touch a Soul: Theater and Creativity in our Jewish Lives

3:10pm Linda Zulberg / Performing as a Vehicle for Artistic Self-Expression and Education

Day 7 – Monday, SEPT 12

(All times are EST)

1pm Jared Lazarus /The Inner Torah of Music, Art and Dance

1:15pm Sarah Shapiro / Beloved Speech: In Search of Genuine Literature 

1:30pm Shirley Perry / Expression & Sharing of Our Protective & Exiled Parts as Part of the Process of Revealing the Redemptive Potential

1:45pm Miriam Katz / Motherhood as the Ultimate Creativity

2pm Riva Pomerantz / Kindling our Creativity: Sacred or Selfish?

2:15 Yael Dworkin / The Piazeczna Rav on the Visualizing Soul and Avodas Hashem

2:30pm Esther Leah Marchette / Creativity and Voice in Hisbodedus / Personal Prayer

2:45pm Sari Kopitnikoff/ Creativity in Formal Prayer/Tefilla

2:55pm Rochel Trugman / Perek Shira

3:10pm Orly Wahba / Tehillim: A Dialogue with Hashem

Day 8 – Tuesday, SEPT 13

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1:00 – 2:00PM

Rae Shagalov /Create Your Passion Project Vision Board
Toby Klein Greenwald / Through a New Prism: Biblio-playback Workshops 
Gitty Porgesz / Dance Beyond Limits: Dance Workshops
Sari Kopitnikoff / Creating a More Rich and Flavorful Prayer Experience
Sarah Shapiro / Beloved Speech: In Search of Genuine Literature
Bracha Adrezin / Opening the Voice as a Portal for Healing Workshop
Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum  / Exploring the Inherent Connection between Feminine Art & Emuna Workshop


Amy Guterson / Becoming a Vessel: Acting, Improv and Energy Creating a Geulah Mindset
Braha Bender / Art and Emunah: Accessing Your Creator to Support Your Creativity
Dina Etigson / Shattering the Way We See Ourselves
Devora Gila Berkowitz  / Inner Voice/Outer Voice: Energy Healing to Support Your Creative or Healing Vision
Aviva Spiegel  / Let’s Get Flowing! Playful Exercises to Free Your Innate Divine Creativity
Sheva Chaya  / Glassblowing / Ignite Your Creativity with Torah
Shelly Michal Dembe /  Soulstir – Healing Movement Workshop

CHOOSE 2 free WORKSHOPS as part of your free package. 

Day 9 – Wednesday, SEPT 14
Finale/Miriam’s Dance Circle

(All times are EST)

1pm –Annie Orenstein / Reaching Redemption Through Creativity and Expression

1:20pm Chana Levitan with Lizzie Serling and Dannielle Fritch / Neve: An Oasis of Creativity and Teshuva


1:40pm Rochel Leah Weiman / The Creative Professional: Transcending Ego

2pm Rebbetzin Judy Brodt  / Exploring your Soul’s Essence: Where Torah and Art meet

2:15pm Robyn Shrater Seemann  / Value Your Creative Gifts

2:20pm Tzirel Liba Mitzman / The Shabbos Queen Project

2:25pm Miriam Yerushalmi / The Power of Love in Elul

2:30pm Keri Roth  / Dance Presentation: “The Avodah of Music”

2:35pm Community Discussion

3pm  Closing Niggun

Day 10 – Thursday, SEPT 15
Nexus Siyum for the Rise! Series

(All times are EST)

1pm Rebbetzin Tamar Taback Epilogue: Rise of the Feminine, Return of the Heart  

1:30pm R’ Yaakov Zalmon Labinsky  The Two Facets of the Shechina, Endings and Beginnings 

2pm Rebbetzin Ruthie Halberstadt A Torah of Kindness:  Connecting to the Legacy of R’ Moshe ztz”l 

2:05pm Rabbi Levy Wineberg / Words of Chizuk

2:10pm Creative Expressions with Deep Sharings of Transformations