Interactive Transformational Workshops

8TH DAY - Tuesday, SEPT 13

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1pm – 2:15pm EST / 8pm – 9:15pm IST Workshop

Rae Shagalov Create Your Passion Project Vision Board

A Passion Project is your creative baby. It urges you like a nagging child to give it some attention, to get it out into the world, to get it DONE. Whether it’s a book, a course, your business, a service or product you want to offer, a painting, a podcast, or a distant vague dream – it won’t let you ignore it! With G-d’s help, your Passion Project Vision Board will help you become very clear about what your Passion Project is, who you want to serve with your gifts and talents, and how you’re going to do it.

Toby Klein Greenwald Through a New Prism: Biblio-playback Workshop

Meet Ruth and Naomi (and ourselves) through an interactive experience of Theater Midrash, using the method of Biblio-Playback.

Gitty Porgesz  Dance Beyond Limits! – Dance Workshop 

Hear from Gitty about how She Faced and Overcame Challenges as a Professional Chassidic Dancer/Choreographer and join actively in a dance workshop by her ‘InsightOut‘ method.

With simple technique (breathing and guided imaginary, improvisation, fun dance warm-up and more) Gitty will guide you how you too can go beyond the voices in yourself that our holding you back from connecting to your inner deep self and the source of all movement and we’ll learn to express inner emotions and movement freely. Let’s be, let’s dance your true Insight/Inside out!

Sarah Shapiro Beloved Speech: In Search of Genuine Literature 

In this workshop, G-d willing, I’ll be providing a list of triggers from which participants can choose any that spark a desire to write. We’ll be reading poetry that people love (participants can bring along their favorites for reading aloud.) And we’ll be reading and writing haiku, the three-line form of 5 syllables in the first line, seven in the second line, and five in the third.

Sari Kapitnikoff Creating a More Rich and Flavorful Prayer Experience

How can we create a more meaningful and personal tefillah experience? Join experiential educator Sari Kopitnikoff, the creator of @thatjewishmoment, for some thoughtful tips, creative frameworks, and helpful ideas on making your tefillah experience more special. Develop your relationship with Hashem, explore your own self awareness, and explore ways to improve your tefillah habits. This workshop will focus more on tefillah thought/intention processes, rather than the textual content of prayer.

Bracha Adrezin Opening the Voice as a Portal to Healing Workshop

Breath is life, life is breath and as (the Alter Rebbe) so succinctly says “When one blows air out, it is from deep within.”   Tone is also essential (as it really is for most of us).  When we combine breath and produce tone from deep within (of course connecting with our essence as best we can) it can literally turn us around.  Working with traumatized women in the past (and in the present) have seen remarkable healing ie going forward helping to resolve some very “stuck” emotions.  Sometimes, it is this intensity, more even than the vocal “quality” that catches us unawares and brings us to an awareness that we didn’t even realize was there.

Chana Bracha Siegelbaum Women Art & Emunah: Exploring the Inherent Connection between Feminine Art & Emunah

The Hebrew word for art: ‘Omanut’ is connected with the word for ‘Emunah’ – belief. What is the connection between art and Emunah? What is the Torah’s definition of beauty? How can the Torah artist tap into the Hidden light and Reveal Divine Tiferet? This presentation will shed light on Torah ways that a Jewish woman can apply her ability to actualize her spiritual potential, through the medium of expressive art while inspiring and bringing others closer to Hashem’s Torah. The lecture includes Biblical, Talmudic, and Mystical sources on the connection between Torah and Art with emphasis on Women’s role as artists, being partners with Hashem through continuous creation.


2:15pm – 3:30pm EST/ 9:15pm – 10:30pm IST Workshops

Amy Guterson Becoming a Vessel: Acting, Improv and Energy Towards Creating a Geulah Mindset

Using visualization, mind/ body work, improvisation and acting techniques, become aware of Hashem’s energy in everything. Release trapped negative emotions and energy to create an open, vibrant vessel of body, mind and spirit that becomes co creator with HaShem, the Great Creator.

Braha Bender Art and Emunah: Accessing the Creator to Support Your Creativity

Creativity blocked? Feeling stuck? Learn how to feel supported, inspired, and nourished in your creative pursuits from the greatest Creative of all.

Dina Etigson Shattering the Way We See Ourselves

In this workshop we will be delving into Rav Kook’s piece entitled: The Finite and the Infinite.  We will then use a psychodrama technique to further personalize and internalize the concepts.  To conclude, we will reflect and notice how the exercise has new insight for us to take with us on our life journey of getting to know our deepest selves.

(Please bring an A4 or legal size blank paper and a black magic marker)

Devora Gila Berkowitz  Inner Voice/Outer Voice: Energy Healing to Support Your Creative or Healing Vision

Do you have a creative vision or desire to heal something in your life? In this group meditation facilitated by Divine Energy Healer, Devora Gila Berkowitz, you will: 1) discover what your inner voice wants to tell you and 2) tap into your inner wisdom for guidance. You will walk away from this experience with inspiration and clarity about what you need to do in order to achieve your vision.

Aviva Spiegel Let’s Get Flowing! Playful Exercises to Free Your Innate Divine Creativity

Aviva will briefly explain the foundational conditions for supporting personal and group creative flow and then guide you through 5 tried and true creative exercises using movement, voice, rhythm, and painting to build a heartfelt performance art piece for HaShem. Surprise yourself how satisfying, fun, and simple it can be to break free from any blocks that may have prevented you from knowing you are an artist.  This is a yummy taster of her upcoming online course in the Makom B’Maagal Method.

Sheva Chaya Glassblowing / Ignite Your Creativity with Torah

🔥See live glassblowing and awaken your innate holy creativity🔥 After watching a short live glassblowing demo infused with Torah sources and inspiration we will explore our creativity inspired by Torah. We will learn and create together, finding our innate, unique, holy, creative spark. Please prepare paper, pen, watercolors, brushes, tissues and water.

Shelly Dembe  SoulStir  – Healing Movement Workshop

Soulstir: A form of movement that awakens the soul.  Based on the sefirot given to us by our Creator, Soulstir allows us to get out of our heads and into our bodies, bringing to life loving kindness, strength, harmony, leadership, humility, foundation and community.  Imagine dancing as if you are a little girl, free to move with pure joy and acceptance of oneself.  As tensions are released, our vessels are opened to receive support, clarity and connection to Hashem!

Testimonial: “Your work is so Geuladik.  Using our bodies for the ultimate healing through Torah and Chassidus, Dance, Joy, Revelation and Razu v’ Shuv.  Our whole being is used.  Not just head, not just heart.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.”  Dobra Spinner 

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