An Online Shiur Series Exploring the Rise of the Feminine in the Pre-Messianic Era through the Women in Torah with classical and mystical sources

“May it be Your will, Hashem, my G-d and the G-d of our forefathers, that the blemish of the moon should be rectified and there should be no diminishment in her at all…”

(Siddur, Kiddush Levana)

"Rise, oh daughters of tranquility..." (Isaia 32:9)

The Nexus School is a school of transformational Torah learning for women. In this series we will be studying the women of Tanach who will become our teachers in unlocking our own potential as women living in the footsteps of Moshiach

“In the merit of righteous women we were redeemed from Egypt and in the merit of righteous women we will be redeemed in the future…”
(Medrash Rus)




Full semester of learning

$89 tuition for term 1 (8 Sessions)

-Access to each class as it is released
- Access to the archives of the semester
- Participation in an online community forum
where you can connect with like-minded women
- 1 Q and A live hook-up with
Rebbitzen Tamar per month


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- All of the above plus…
- Dedication of one of the classes in the merit
of a loved one for a Refua Shleima or Ilui Neshama


“We need teachers who are able to convey the sweep and greatness of Judaism; Rebbetzin Tamar Taback is one of the very best. I highly recommend her course to all Jewish women who seek an authentic path to the Jewish soul.”

R' Akiva Tatz

“Tamar Taback has done a beautiful job of translating the deepest teachings of our tradition into practical lessons for daily life. Her work is rightly called "Nexus" for it bridges worlds and truly does bring heaven down to earth.”

Sarah Yehudit Schneider, founder of A Still Small Voice

"Rebbetzin Taback is teaching the core ideas relevant to this generation in a most beautiful and powerful way. She speaks of the power of women, the depth and importance of relationships and the elevation of one's self and life to its Divine potential. She delivers these secrets of the Torah with depth, sincerity, and passion, which I've heard leaves a deep impression on those who hear it.”

Rabbi Doniel Katz

Quotes from the three FREE introductory classes

(available HERE)

“In Torah, feminism is just as it sounds: being amazing females.”

“One reason why women don’t reach their potential is because they do not have an accurate archetype.”

“Each woman in Torah is a sanctuary for you to find yourself in and therein find your beauty.”

“Each woman in Torah is a lesson in one dimension of the “the rise of the feminine” in the pre-messianic era and outlines for us a path of internal shifts that will coalesce into our greatness.”

“The rise of the feminine means we don’t just discover our brilliance, we recover it.”

“The pain of the process and the joy of transformation are two sides of the same coin.”

“Hashem enjoys the pleasure of “becoming” through us. We experience the wonder of perfection through Him. “

“The Lost Princess is you. “