School Opening Event 2020

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This past Sunday was a special day.  

After months of anticipation, we finally opened our “makom (place of) Torah” for 2020.  

It has taken until now for me to absorb its light and impact, as well as for the videos to be edited.  I am so happy to share them with you. 


Chief Rabbi Goldstein addressed the fundamental question – how can there be something “new” in Torah, (as in “the “Rise?” of the Feminine”), as Torah is Divine and unchanging?  Together with his wife Gina, he put beautiful words to the phenomenon of meeting Torah where it meets us in each generation, creating a lived experience of our Jewishness that is vibrant and alive.  His excitement for Torah comes through every time he speaks and I appreciated the blessing he extends to all of us. 

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My talk, “Come, My Bride – the Rise of the Feminine in the Modern Era” was both a deepening for those of you that have been studying with me over the years as well as I hope an apt entry point for those that are new.  It was a tall order, juggling amid my commitments foremost as a wife and mother bH, off the bat of shabbos… but it is precisely when we feel small that Hashem lets us know that He is where we let Him in.  This shiur turned out to be a commentary to the Lecha Dodi prayer that we say every Friday night, a secret reference to the odyssey and calling of Jewish women living late on our “cosmic Friday afternoon”, a.k.a. in the “footsteps of Moshiach”.  It addresses how and why I am teaching this Torah through our mothers, our Imahot, and also goes into the psychological applications of these teachings and what they can start to mean for us.

(I was not meditating.  I had blinked 🙂

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Rabbi Nir Menussi picked up where I left off and asked the question from a man’s perspective – where does all this leave the men?  What are the new tensions that arise in relationships, in shidduchim, in marriage?  He too quoted from his wife and spun a very enriching tale pregnant with meaning and guidance for the women of our generation.  He traveled all the way from Israel to be with us and is the author of the new release “Who is this Rising?” about femininity in the modern era upon who’s manuscript I have based the Rise! into your Feminine Series.  It was so appropriate having him with us. (The book will only be available in English in the next couple of years.)

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Here is a small poem I wrote while preparing for my Opening shiur based on the Lecha Dodi prayer.  (Check out my blog if you want more commentary, in footnotes.)

We are approaching the cosmic Shabbos, the 7th millennium feminine phase 
Of pleasure and bliss when the moon’s regained light will defy human gaze 

On Shabbos “Observe” and “Remember” come as one, equal and aligned, 
This represents the feminine and masculine in consummate meeting refined… 

The story of Dovid is the story of Malchut and the moon 
The lowness of dust becomes a redemption tune

…The daughters of Peretz, the moon that bursts forth
In her roundabout melody, till infinity will soareth…

A crown unto creation… she enters, the Bride 
The one who ushers in reality’s better side… 

Wishing you a beautiful Shabbos,

Much love,