She’s finally here!

BH … after a whole year of waiting… She has arrived.
She was the first Jewish woman…
She leaves the curses given to womankind far behind her…
Her’s is an epic struggle while she sought to speak her truth 
She had to refine herself in the school of life and marriage before her words could properly be received and transform the world. 
You will see yourself in her story, as I do.
She is Sarah.
She is femininity redeemed.

(Before I go on: we are having different tracks to more finely meet your needs as your step into your fullest potential as a woman living in the times of the ikvese d’misheche (our pre-Messianic times).
There are many of you that have not yet met your basherts… and many of you who have been through divorce.  A special program just for you is coming soon where I will be addressing the Rise of Femininity for Singles.  Stay tuned!)

Warning: this is a full-blown marriage course
And Hashem is the Master-therapist.
He cupped Sarah’s growth and transformation in His own “Hands”.
The stakes were the entire Jewish people to emerge from her sweet victories. 

What is a pre-Messianic Marriage? 
It was the marriage that Sarah shaped.
It will surprise you.
True to her name, the woman who became the paragon of influence – had a journey to travel.
The Baal Shem Tov calls the path הכנעה to הבדלה to המתקה – submission, separation, sweetening.
It parallels the Niddah, the days of separation and Mikve.  
It is real, and filled with paradox.
For the courageous of heart.

These are some of the spiritual and emotional areas of inner work we will be addressing in LIVE webinar format.  Here you will finally get to meet the other women in the school!

In the second series of the Rise! into your (Higher) Feminine series, you will learn how to:

  • come into your authentic feminine leadership
  • Make Hashem your Partner in the blossoming of your home
  • Remove toxicity and break the spell of vicious cycles
  • Evoke your partner’s best masculinity by revealing your essential self 
  • Identify the energy blocks in your relationship
  • Stop projecting and become conscious 
  • Break enmeshment and unhealthy attachments
  • Release long-held expectations
  • Allow for the death of your false self (this is optional 🙂 as it is advanced inner work, but seems to be the order of the day!)

Basically, get out of a rut.


You will be invited to:

  • blend your lower and higher feminine gifts together 
  • contain and nurture your energy so it is available for what’s important to you
  • learn how to speak from a place of true connection and have that be felt

We will explore:

  • How did Sarah find her true voice, a soft, still and steady voice (that is still reverberating through Jewish history, today)?
  • How did she become the quintessential Aishes Chayil (with candles alight from erev shabbos to erev shabbos, challah that never went stale and a cloud of Shechina hovering above her home)?
  • How did she become the crown to Avraham and what does this mean?

One thing is certain: it wasn’t at the expense of her femininity.  
And yet her prophecy was higher and deeper than was Avraham’s. 
It was from this place that she cultured her motherhood (אמהות) and shaped the next generation.

My goal is to give words to this path in bringing light to vessel b’siyatta dishmaya within our beautiful community.

As Sarah was, we too are “pre-Messianic women” and have enormous untapped potential that we unleash when we connect to our Imahos.

  • Did you ever realize that the same triggers will keep on coming up until we heal them…

Did you know that: 

  • Avraham and Sarah’s names had to change in order for their mazal to change? 
  • Sarah was the essence of Bina and wove her understanding into the fabric of life..
  • Sarah was the matriach who didn’t even have a womb? 

Jewish marriage is super-natural and heals the world.

We need to bring our super-conscious gifts to the table. 

Join me Wednesday evenings, LIVE 
7 sessions
Starting Wednesday June 3rd, 8:00 p.m. South Africa, 9:00 pm Israel, 7:00 pm London, 2:00 pm New York time
(Sessions will be recorded)
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