Chany Felberbaum

With סייעתא דשמיא Chany helps women stop living a life of struggle & survival & start thriving, as well as to heal their past traumas completely and permanently. Because most people who’ve experienced trauma, like abuse, a dysfunctional childhood, loss, divorce, marriage issues etc., either sit in therapy for years, or resign to a life of struggle and survival.
Chany created the online program “From Surviving to Thriving!” and made it her mission to help yiddishe women live an empowered life, so they can stop having their past control the present and be FREE of a lifetime of struggling, surviving and finally start thriving.
This past July of 2023, Chany launched her second “Intimacy Secrets Summit” A compilation of interviews with top marriage and intimacy experts from around the yiddishe world, who share true Torah Hashkafah, as well as powerful intimacy secrets and techniques with thousands of women from around the world, to help bring peace, love, and שכינה back to yiddishe homes, and finally end the silent suffering.
Over 40,000 women have already participated in the summit over the past 2 years, and the response and feedback has been overwhelming, with over 15,000 comments from grateful participants pouring in. Additionally, Chany has given many classes on the power of femininity, as well as sharing tools and techniques for emotional healing and wellbeing.
Chany is passionate about seeing every single yid thrive in their marriage, and in their relationship with Hashem, themselves, and others.
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