Chaya Hinda Allen

Chaya Hinda empowers others by imbuing them with an optimistic approach to life, born of faith and trust in Hashem’s goodness and love. For the past twenty-five years, Chaya Hinda has been guiding, teaching, coaching, and mentoring women of all ages and stages ‎‎(from teenagers to great-grandmothers; professionals, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home ‎moms, Rebbetzins, community leaders and more). She specializes in helping them cut overwhelm and frustration, and ‎gracefully navigate challenging relationships and life situations, sharing tools and insights through classes, guided imageries, one-on-one coaching, group coaching programs, trips, retreats and her newest venture, the Chaya Hinda Coaching academy where women are deeply heard within the group coaching experience   ..
When you join her community, be ready to laugh a lot along your path of growth, and to be surprised by how much goodness you discover within yourself.
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