Debbie Sassen

Debbie Sassen is a Business and Money Coach and host of the Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast.
She helps entrepreneurs create consistent $5k-20K months and build wealth, in alignment with Jewish values. Because money is so intimately involved with everything we do in business, Debbie believes that clearing your money blocks makes everything else in business easier.
Her coaching combines business strategy, sales expertise, and money mindset to help entrepreneurs dissolve the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in a cycle of under-selling, under-earning, and under-investing.
Unfortunately, too many women – and men – never learned how to understand money, earn abundantly, and manage their finances to build wealth.
Debbie believes it’s time we changed that narrative! None of us should have to dim our lights and brilliance to build a solid financial reality for ourselves and our families – now and in the future! When we own our wealth and take responsibility for it, we give other people permission to shine their brilliance brightly, too.
Podcast: The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast
Instagram: @debbiesassen