Dr. Rivka Levron

Rivka Levron, MD, Ph.D., is trained in medicine and neuroscience. Prior to making aliya, she worked as a physician in neurosurgery and as a medical scientist at the US National Institutes of Health. Currently, Rivka teaches biological science courses at Touro College Israel, Gratz College, and Michlalah Jerusalem College. She also writes patent applications for innovations in the field of medical devices for work, and articles on her experiences and impressions of US and Israeli society for enjoyment.
With a long-term background in scientific studies transitioning to Judaic studies, Rivka continues her search for understanding, while balancing studying with family and work.
She is fascinated to learn the parallels between the physical world and the spiritual world as taught by Chazal. In particular, she applies spiritual knowledge to healing of the human spirit through the energy of crystals and gemstones.
Rivka lives with her family in Betar Illit, Israel.
Visit her website at rivkalevron.com or email rivkalevron@gmail.com