Esther Brodt

Esther Brodt is an LCSW practicing in Brooklyn, NY for nearly twenty years. She has worked with children and families in school and community based settings, as well as in private practice with adolescent and adult women. She has extensive post -graduate training in treating Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma, and Complex trauma using a variety of therapeutic modalities. After getting trained in IFS (Internal Family Systems therapy) by the IFS Institute and experiencing the efficacy of the model firsthand, it deeply resonated as the most effective integration of the many years of training and experience gained in the field. IFS became the primary model of treatment in her practice, combined with a somatic focus and an attachment lens.
As a lifelong seeker, she also incorporates into her therapeutic conceptualizations and techniques, the extensive Torah studies and personal development work that she has had the privilege to partake in with some of the leading teachers and mentors of our time.
The guiding principle of her work is the belief that every person has the potential to access a pure limitless source from within themelves that has deep compassion, wisdom, and the ability to heal their wounds and live a life of fulfillment, ease and contentment in their relationship with themselves, others and Hashem.
She can be reached at