Julia Lustigman

Born and raised in Paris, France to a French father and American mother, Julia Lustigman received a BA from NYU in philosophy and comparative literature and a M.S in psychology from CCU. She emigrated to Israel in 2001 where she has since settled in Jerusalem and is married and raising a Chassidic family.
She then went on to study in depth energy healing, current cutting edge psychology, crystal work; along with a deep immersion into ancient and current wisdom of Jewish Sages and Mystics. Her teachings, her therapeutic healing work and her personal life are rooted in her commitment to the evolution of human consciousness and the Rise of the Feminine. Along with developing her teachings, her professional work as therapist/ energy healer/educator in both French and English speaking communities ( and raising her family above all), she cultivates her practice through long walks in the Jerusalem forest, free style dancing, and her connection with meditation and crystals.
Her Imaginal map forms the foundation of
The Circle Tribe gathering ( a monthly Rosh Chodesh gathering for women In Jerusalem and surrounding areas). If you are interested in the monthly gatherings, her teachings, or healing work, please contact Julia directly: