Malka Kornreich

Energize Healing that works!
Malka Kornreich, Founder of the program:”Transforming Lives with Cutting edge Solutions”
A ” Whole” New Way – To a Life of Vibrancy
Integrating her 25 years of experience in Health Fitness and Wellness with Integrated Intuitive healing
She has created a brand new Paradigm called  –
The Whole Picture-Holistic healing is like finding the right piece of the puzzle in one’s life.She can be contacted at
Exhausted from running around looking for yrs looking for a solution for her son’s sudden onset of Seizures at age 11, she realized it was time to learn more.
Humbled by the search, enlightened by what she found:
There are solutions- But Just as we would go from Dr to Dr. to the furthest corners of the world for consultations and new procedures, we are obligated to make hishtadlus towards Truly healing the Guf and the Nefesh.
Trapped Emotions and Environmental Toxins cause imbalances in the body that we are not aware of.
Identifying them and clearing them out can restore health and sometimes very quickly.
Incredible success with children’s bedwetting, teenage anxiety, trauma, and Hyperactivity and even tooth decay- Malka is in high demand.
New Solutions for Shalom Bayis,  Short Cycles, staining , Postpartum depression, difficult labor.
Clearing out negative relationship patterns, and feeling Free to Love once more. Malka has been blessed to hear feedback of success stories of reclaiming one’s relationship after more than 25yrs of marriage.
Fascinating relief where many have tried before.
Its time for us to learn what is so easily available!
Hashem is sending us new tools for healing and has created the Refuah before the Makkah