Malka Sima Pais

After graduating from Cornell University, Malka-Sima Pais moved to Israel where she now lives with her beloved husband and two lively teenage children. Her own struggles with illness led her to become a SomaSoul® Somatic Therapist and Educator, and Shake Your Soul® Dance Facilitator, where she guides women (individually and in groups, online and in person) towards calm, joy, and vitality.
She is the Director and Lead Educator of Moonlit Circle: Community of A Still Small Voice, where she weaves Kabbalistic teachings together with neuroscience, and spiritual and Somatic therapeutic practices.  Her goal is to bring personal and collective geula by creating a compassionate, safe space where transformation comes with ease, growth comes through joy, and healing happens on all levels.
She is Lead Organizer of the Purim High Council: A Meditation, Prayer, and Movement Happening (created by Sarah Yehudit Schneider) in which women around the world harness the powerful lights available on Purim and direct them toward good, healing and Mashiach now.
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