Michal Kramer

Michal Kramer is a rabbinically certified Therapist and Relationship Coach, who gets to the root of emotional issues and provides personalized, practical healing tools from the Torah.
Growing up in a small town in South Africa, Michal was inspired by her parents’ dedication to Yiddishkeit, their love of drawing people close to Torah, and their devotion to the community.
Upon the birth of her daughter with Down’s syndrome, Michal further developed her toolkit of emunah and bitachon, as she strengthened herself to bring out the greatness and shining light of her daughter into her home and family. As a student of psychology and special education, Michal was always interested in helping and healing the distinctive Jewish neshamah. She studied different modalities, always searching for the Torah-true approach, which she discovered in Pitchei Ohr, under the auspices of Rav Yitzchak Shmuel Rosenblatt א“שליט.
Aleph Bet Therapy explores the subconscious inner core of a Yid, diagnosing and treating according to an organized system of one’s innate kochos hanefesh. It is a uniquely emunah-centered method for healing both body and soul, providing balance and nourishment for the neshamah. In addition to private therapy, Michal also gives workshops on menuchas hanefesh and inner-growth chaburos based on the practical applications of the sefiros.
Michal resides in Modiin Illit, Israel with her beautiful family.
Visit her website at: michalkramer.com.
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Email: michalikramer@gmail.com