Rabanit K. Sarah Cohen

Rabanit Kineret Sarah Cohen is known in the Jewish music world as the foremost orthodox female Jewish performer. Not only does she use her “voice” to create joy in the hearts of women through her singing – but through her power of speech she lectures and spreads Torah all over the world on platforms such as ohelsara.com and Torahanytime.
Born in Eretz Yisrael, the Rabanit is of Sefardik descent but grew up in New York in the Ashkenazic circles – developing a deep connection to the teachings of Chasidut. Due to her diverse upbringing, she is able to connect, teach and understand from all backgrounds and nationalities.
Renowned Rabbis as Rabbi David Abuchatzera (shlit”a), Rabbi David Chananyah Pinto (shlit”a), Rav Ovadyah Yosef (a”h) have encouraged her to proceed with her teachings and have blessed her journey.
Rabanit Kineret Sarah Cohen is a renowned Torah educator and motivational speaker and a certified C.B.T. Therapist and Master Life Coach who  has helped women unlock their hidden potential and strengths.

Contact Information: www.ohelsara.com (to access her shiurim and insight and to enroll in her incredible one-on-one Torah classes)