Rebbetzin Yael Rivka Joffe

Yael Rivka Joffe is passionate about helping women build and heal their inner world, to find emotional well-being and healing through a relationship with our Creator (healing the subconscious through the superconscious).
She facilitates a journey of healing, building a strong inner ground and creating inner joy that is not dependent on external circumstances.
A process that transforms our consciousness and emotions, and releases the consciousness that creates suffering, guiding women to the deepest levels of self, to a Gan Eden consciousness in this world.
Based primarily on the tools of Soul Therapy, the academy of Jewish psychology, taught by Rebbetzin Chava Shmiluvitz.
She has also completed two years of torat hanefesh, is a certified EFT practitioner, and completed “Doing IMAGO Relationship Therapy In The Space Between”¬†¬†imago course.
She has run workshops on emunah and bitachon, self love, meditation and healing through your relationship with food.