Rise! into your Aishet Chayil!

Good erev Yontif!

With immense gratitude to Hashem, I present to you a free ebook in honor of Shavuot.

It is called;

Spinning the Story of Feminine Growth through Torah

My heart is full and I am grateful.

There are hundred reasons why this is the Torah of the moment.  

It is designed to print.  
(Set your printer to print 2 sides per sheet.)

Thank you to all the people who made this possible.

This is my free gift to Jewish women everywhere for Yom Tov.

Be aware that it contains mystical secrets.  The “sod” level of interpreting the verses of the Aishet Chayil poem is presented in italics, which means that you can either skip that part and it will still make perfect sense or rush straight to them 😉

Everything is there.You will see how each verse relates to a different woman in Torah, and discover what her special gifts were, and how she rectified the original woman, Chava (19 in Gematria!)

You will also learn about the Supernal Aishet Chayil on High.

I think a lot of things will fit into place for you.

I cannot wait to hear how it goes.

Feeling inspired?  Have a question? 
Post your insights, breakthroughs and questions on the Aishet Chayil community forum where you will meet hundreds of other women on the same mission (you’ll find it on your dashboard.)

The poem by nature is describing a married woman but the mystical interpretation has nothing to do with your marital status. 

We are all married to Hashem and that is the energy flowing into the world tomorrow night!

So without further ado…

HERE it is! 

~ 19 women in 22 verses ~

You’ll find the Aishet Chayil community forum HereIf you would like to receive the ebook in your inbox and do not have internet, please request it from info@thenexus.org.

I have also uploaded a piece of my solo piano, a song called “Boi Kallah, Come my Bride”.