The Rise! into your Crown World Summit, one year later


There was something cosmic that happened on this day exactly one year ago.

The first Rise! Into your Crown Rosh Hashana Transformational Torah world summit forever changed how we related to ourselves as women.

It changed how we related to:

  • Torah
  • our holy and authentic feminine power
  • our ability to heal ourselves, our families and the world,
  • our orientation to this late stage of world history 
  • our response to the galactic world-shifts that had just begun
  • a calling for leadership.

 4,000 women felt it. 
It was unanimous outpouring of chizuk – on the part of men and women, Rabbanim and mothers and wives and daughters. 

It was a watershed in coming “out” with our love of Torah – a knowing that we must go to the next level, with the guidance of our Rabbanim, beyond where we ever have gone before (in school, in sem). 

And that this is what was called for and was deeply relevant. 

It was a reframe in terms of where we seek our ultimate healing – yes, there is a place for therapy, for psychological insight, for self-help.
But nothing has the power to heal and transform, uplift and re-create us like Torah.
The first Rise! Into your crown summit paved a new road – one we have only begun to walk down as a community. 

And what is distinctly special about this journey is that we are walking together.
Last year, we were just getting our brains around what a global pandemic meant for all of us.

For some, it meant personal loss of loved ones.  For all, it meant long periods of isolation.  Financial inhibition.  The great unknown.  Hashem had turned up the heat.  The world would never be the same.  

But even before all this, the Nexus had started talking about cosmic shifts – and the power of women in the end of days.

Even without acknowledging the societal changes in the past 100 years, Chazal predicted that women would have a special role to play in bringing the world to where it needs to go.

This isn’t some grand idea – it is something we can live in every moment that we mother, that we marry, and everything else in between.

We have unpacked this theme and we have strived to bring it down and make it real.  And it is working bH.

Women in our community have had massive personal shifts in their identity of who they are and their resourcefulness to respond to their challenges. 

They have stopped crying the tears of the confused feminine.

The power is in our hands to heal, the understand, and to lead.  But we need a connection to Torah – a feminine Torah, the Torah from the end of days.

This is my life’s work, b’siyatta dishmaya…and the Rise! into your Crown Rosh Hashana summit is a great introduction.

I invited the most inspiring, outstanding and articulate leaders that I knew.

Rabbanim and Rebbetzins, teachers, healers, thought-leaders and friends.

Together, we opened a new conversation.

It was a global affair.  Baruch Hashem, the world is different.

Get happy!  Realize your power to heal, to lead, to inspire.  To be transformed, and to transform. 

Watch the highlights video (its 6:13 minutes) to meet every single one of the 30 brilliant speakers that featured over the 11 days and feel the energy HERE.