The Rise! Summit Week 2

Rise! into your Crown World Summit for Women – week 2! 10 Free Transformational Torah workshops

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Video for women only please


The “Rise! Into your Crown” world summit for women is underway!

Last week, Rebbetzin Tamar Taback, initiator of the summit, hosted South African Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, R’ Akiva Tatz, Rebbitzen Tzipora Heller-Gottleib, and R’ Paysach Krohn for a powerful line-up over the first two days of the summit.

On Day 3, she interviewed three thought-leaders who have contributed to the field of the rise of the feminine according to Torah: Sarah Yehudit Schneider, Devorah Fastag and R’ Nir Menussi, authors of the works “Kabbalistic Writings on the Nature of Masculine and Feminine”, “The Moon’s Lost Light”, and “Who is this Rising?” respectively.

“The first two days were inspirational”, says participant F. Yagod. “The third session was ‘me’in olam haba’ – a taste of another world.”

This week, staring TODAY at 2:00pm eastern time, Rebbetzin Taback is facilitating 10 FREE mini-transformational Torah workshops which will run over 5 days this week, two 1-hour sessions per day.

Although making the sessions live means you can write in your questions in real time and feel the incredible group energy, all the sessions are being recorded if you can’t make it at those times.

Her goal is to network many Torah healers and teachers, as well as to emphasize the concept that Torah itself is the greatest healer.

The entire program is FREE, including the replays, up until Rosh Hashana.  After Rosh Hashana the summit will be available as a package for purchase.

“As a Torah teacher, I feel it is important to learn how to extract our fundamental guidance from the Torah itself for reaching our highest potential, and to “rise into our Crown”.  When we delve even deeper into the Torah to discover our greatest potential as women specifically – we have an incredibly focused, inspired and dynamic structure for transformation.  Feminine growth is not the same as masculine growth and these distinctions must be present in our educational frameworks.

Experienced and passionate speakers, healers and facilitators have been invited to deliver sessions as part of the min-workshop series.

“When we heal the faulty beliefs that we may have about the feminine, it is like removing a heavy screen between ourselves and our potential.  In fact, by healing the feminine in all its forms and guises, we are bringing healing to our homes and our nation. The Jewish people are likened to Hashem’s bride and by championing the very different set of values that belong to the feminine, we are in fact shifting the world closer to its ultimate Shabbos-like destination.  This is sweet work.

And see you there!

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Attention Men! Give the women in your life a gift before Rosh Hashana and forward this on.

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