Tikkun in Marriage – typing up the loose ends in History

We are embarking on an incredible journey, starting this week, Wednesday, June 3rd, beH.
As women living in our times, we are being invited to embody a new potential.
Over these past months, I have felt an emergence of more truth as the world has shed its outer layers. 
Or perhaps the truth about things has just surfaced more?
Despite the level of challenge, ironically, have you felt better positioned to come into your tikkun in a way you never have before?
Your femininity and how you relate to it doesn’t express itself as much as it does in your marriage.  Your marriage, like you and your partner, have never been here before.  It is completely unique. 

And yet, there is no doubt that there is something unnamed happening in the area of marriage in our generation.  This is what I am here to name and guide you through on a pathway of growth, from -> lonely, unfulfilled, unmet, perhaps confused as to what’s not working to –> empowered, alive, dignified and (yes!) feminine! 

I am inviting you to come and explore what I feel is the secret to our generation’s struggles.  Come and learn with me, burst through your subconscious blocks and arrive on the other side with a paradigm that is aligned to the soul of our generation.
I think it is fool-proof.
 I can’t wait to see what will blossom here.
(This version of the Sarah course is focused on marriage but is also appropriate for anyone intensely curious about the male-female dynamic.  Other programs and tracks coming soon so stay tuned.)

This is the area of our final rectification and holds the potential to unlock a dimension of power that you can’t imagine.
I think it is a big part of the soul work of women in our generation. 
You will feel like a new doorway is opening, as we did, when we discovered these secrets 😉

Click here to read more about the Sarah course.

In the Chava course, we gave language to the emergence of a new type of woman, and gave birth to the “higher feminine archetype”.   (This is the missing link that explains EVERYTHING we are experiencing today regarding the confusion women feel – and is part of the foundations you will get from the Chava course.  CLICK HERE)

But just knowing this isn’t enough when it comes to marriage.
We need to learn how to actively embrace, own, and integrate the “higher feminine” into our lives.
 We need to sift what is “klipa” (extraneous to Torah) and consume only what is “pri” (the inner dimension and truth of Torah).

Join me and find your truest feminine voice, learn how to express it to transform your life, while bringing out the best in your spouse and yourself.

  • Learn how to access essential love  (defined as the love that is already within you), evoke and receive love from your partner
  • Let go of your “da’as d’sitra achra”  (your false center) and get a whole lot of clarity about what is hijacking us
  • Learn how to imbibe your higher feminine and perform the ultimate tikkun that Sarah did following on exactly where Chava left off
  • Learn how to flourish into authentic feminine leadership (also called Malchut) – your family will love this
  • Learn how to go from CHAVA to CHAYA to CHEDVA!  
  • Come to appreciate how Sarah’s story perfectly foreshadows ours


I will end with a quote from the Me’or V’Shemesh:
אי אפשר לאדם להשיג אלקות מבלי שידבק עצמו לאבות שהיו לתכלית מרכבה למידות
” it is impossible to a person to reach G-dliness without first attaching himself to his fathers (and mothers) who were the ultimate in being a “chariot” (embodying Hashem’s middot/attributes)

8:00pm South African time, 2:00 pm NY, 9:00 Israel
Live on zoom or call in on your phone 
(Recordings available in mp3)

NOTE: If you haven’t already I recommend that you do the CHAVA COURSE!
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with guided practical applications and a toolkit
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your source pack with translations, diagrams, and worksheets
PLUS Free access to my “Torah approach to intimacy” coming soon! 
AND free access to my “Understanding the Essence of Shema” coming soon! 

“This series was like hearing my name when I had forgotten who I was” Goldie
“I pray that the women take advantage of this wonderful opportunity” Rebbitzen Tzipora Heller-Gottleib

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Looking forward to a rich Torah term with you,

All my love,