Welcome to the Tefillah Series

Welcome to The Tefillah Series

This series was created for the refuah shelaima of Chaya Leah Bas Yaffa

Our sages say that prayer is a feminine act. This series introduces you to the four levels of your being, (body, heart, mind and soul) through the teachings of the Torah. Becoming aware of our working parts as described by the deeper Torah sources allows us to gain not only insight but greater control over our inner processes. The highest levels of spiritual growth are available to us when we know how to devote our entire psyche to what our sages dub “the service of the heart”. In this short series you will begin to embark on deepening your relationship with Hashem through prayer. This is a critical aspect of the Pre-Messianic Woman’s development as she meets herself on this core level, touches her potential and devotes those gifts Hashem.

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Rebbetzin Taback is teaching the core ideas relevant to this generation in a most beautiful and powerful way. She speaks of the experience of prayer, the power of women, the depth and importance of relationships and the elevation of one’s self and life to its Divine potential. She delivers these secrets of the Torah with depth, sincerity, and passion, which I’ve heard leaves a deep impression on those who hear it. May she continue to have much hatzlocha in all she does.
Rabbi Doniel Katz
Mrs Tamar Taback is a talented teacher with a gift for clarity of thought and expression. Her classes are sure to give Jewish women both stimulation and inspiration; food for the mind and the heart. We need teachers who are able to convey the sweep and greatness of Judaism; she is one of the very best. I highly recommend her course to all Jewish women who seek an authentic path to the Jewish soul.
Rabbi Akiva Tatz
The most beautiful women’s Torah learning series ever!
This course has enriched my life beyond words. It has been dramatically Life changing to understand that I have access to the highest esoteric wisdom within my own mind, and to learn how to align myself in practical terms with that wisdom Tamars manner of teaching is so graceful yet so powerful. You almost hope that just by listening to her some of her holiness will “rub off on you”. She makes you just want to “jump” onto her words and sail on them, with her, closer to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Tamars genius and deeply feminine brilliance shines out of her face, her words and her torah. They all reflect the magnificent deeply kabbalistic Torah she teaches
Loren Eppel
Tamar’s tefillah course is a deep exploration of the workings of the mind and how we can use this knowledge practically to really connect to Hashem in Tefillah. It has already had a big impact on bringing my ‘wandering mind’ back to the holy words of the siddur. The real treat was to see such deep Torah wisdom – in a woman! And to see this wisdom radiate on her face and in her thoughtful and centered interactions with our group. The greatest thing I learned was to remember to breathe!
Paula Levin
The series on Tefillah with Rebetzin Taback has allowed me to transform my davening to a different level. I feel far more connected to Hashem during davening and can focus on the words. My understanding of emunah has changed through the insights and skills I learnt. What a special journey of transformation
Coming from a psychology background, I was also able to link mindfulness skills that I have learned to a greater awareness of ones spiritual self to achieve a further tier of mindfulness, which I felt profoundly useful from both a personal and professional perspective. I look forward to applying what I have learned and continue revisiting the series in my everyday life and prayer.
Sarah Newstead

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