About Ohel Rachel

Ohel Rachel was written by Rav Shlanger, student of R’ Moshe Shapiro zt”l, and is a hidden treasure for women today. The Teaching is deep with far-reaching implications into a woman’s life, psyche and her most intimate relationship. Sources across the Torah spectrum give the cosmic picture of the marriage between the Jewish people and Hashem which is the ultimate outcome when a woman brings peace to her home.

Discover the timeless Torah for women in a never before trans-creation here.

Messianic Woman

Torah is a dynamic unfolding song throughout history. “וכתבו לכם את השירה הזאת… (Devarim)” The unique calling of each generation animates the prophesies of the Torah in ways only He could have designed when we participate in this exalted dance. Our aspiration to live the Torah in all times with integrity and authenticity interacts with His plan for us and we become active participants in the making of Jewish history.

Women’s Torah is no different. As we approach the times of moshiach there is a (predicted) and undeniable rising of feminine energy. Let us discover what it is about and inspire ourselves to utilize that power in the best way possible. Join me as I explore this theme in “Messianic Woman”.

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